cigar sizes

Cigar Shapes & Sizes: Common & Unusual

There's something beautiful about the rolling of a premium cigar. Many consider it an art form-it is, after all, made completely by hand. Anyone who is new to the hobby realizes the fact that these works of art come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Identifying and categorizing them can quickly become very confusing, but you don't have to have an art purist's eye to do's actually pretty simple once you dig in.
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Round Cigars vs. Box-pressed Cigars

Cigar smokers are a funny lot. Although a big part of becoming a "cigar aficionado" is trying a variety of blends and shapes, for the most part, cigar smokers know what they like and tend to stick with it. This includes a preference for how their cigars are rolled, which can be either round or box-pressed, also referred to as "square-pressed."
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