The Slow & Graceful Death of the Tobacco Leaf: Part 2

In Part 2 of "The Slow and Graceful Death of the Tobacco Leaf" theVasquez Cigar Factory is now producing cigars under the name The American Tobacco Company. Author Mark McGinty also introduces the readers to Sanburn, "A nice kid in his late 30's with a drop of Spanish blood in his veins" who is more concerned with modernization and the company's bottom line than the well-being of the workers. Vasquez and Sanburn don't see eye-to-eye on running the business, but they tolerate each other in an effort to keep the factory running smoothly.
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Rafael Nodal cuban cigars embargo article

The Cuban Cigars Embargo

The Cuban Embargo remains a hot button with many Americans, particularly Cuban-Americans who emigrated to the U.S. shortly after the 1959 Revolution. So the question remains: Should the United States' embargo with Cuba finally be repealed? Many Cubans who have come to the U.S. in recent years have a more open-minded attitude. In our January issue, Boutique Brands founder, Rafael Nodal, shares his view on how he sees the future of the relationship between the two countries.
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Keys to the City London – London Cigar Lounges

Rocky Patel takes you on a virtual tour of London's best places to enjoy cigars in a city with one of the strictest smoking bans in Europe. Rocky zeroes-in on several luxury hotels, all of which have smoking terraces, as well as great places to wine and dine. From cognac and cigars in The Garden at the Dukes Hotel, to Cuba Libre, a Cuban restaurant that's so authentic you'll think you're in Havana, to J.J. Fox & Robert Lewis Tobacconists, serving London's most exclusive clientele for over 200 years, click here to unlock the entire article.
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Moscow & Prague: Eastern European Cigar Market

Entrepreneur, master cigar blender, and world traveler, Rafael Nodal writes about what he discovered on his visits to Prague and Moscow during the past five years. The two Eastern European cities that have largely sold Cuban cigars, have opened their eyes (and mouths) to cigars sold in the United States. To find out why Cuba is losing its market share to cigars from The Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua.
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The Slow & Graceful Decline of the Tobacco Leaf: Part 1

Author and contributor, Mark McGinty, reprises some of the characters from his book The Cigar Maker, in Part I of this month's feature entitled, "The Slow and Graceful Death of the Tobacco Leaf." The story begins in 1901 Cuba with Paolo Renteria, a successful tobacco grower who learns that his brother, Armando, has been murdered and their most profitable factory has been burned to the ground during a violent tobacco workers strike in Ybor City. Paolo must go to Tampa and find out what the motive was for his brother's untimely death.
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The Second Monday in October

Despite popular portrayals, Christopher Columbus was neither a benevolent explorer nor genocidal tyrant - at least not totally. The truth is that Columbus was a complicated character, and the circumstances surrounding his voyages were equally complicated. More importantly, as a cigar lover, you should know that Columbus and his men were the first to discover natives smoking tobacco, and brought the practice back to mainland Europe.
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