how to cut a cigar

How to cut a torpedo cigar

How To Cut A Torpedo Cigar

how to cut a torpedo cigar

Gary Korb teaches readers how to cut a torpedo cigar in today’s informative blog post.

So, you’re ready to smoke your first Torpedo cigar. Congratulations! You’ve moved up to one of the big boys, but you’re not entirely sure how to cut a Torpedo cigar it because the head is rolled to a point. Cigars of this type are categorized in cigar speak as “figurados,” which also includes Belicosos, Pyramids and the like. They’re rolled in this bottle-neck style so the smoke is more concentrated, and therefore, richer in flavor when it hits your palate. But don’t let that pointy little head intimidate you. It can be cut just like a round or flathead cigar. The main difference is how you cut it and the type of cigar cutter you use.

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Cutting 101: How to Cut a Cigar

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