Keep your torch flame low

Here's a tip I discovered by accident that I thought may be worthwhile for some of you, so here goes:

When toasting your cigars with a torch lighter, regardless of the number of flames, try keeping the flame(s) shorter. For one, you'll save fuel. The other advantage, IMO, is your cigars may toast a little better. Why?

As you know, a blue torch flame is wicked hot; so hot, that if you hold the flame too close to the cigar's foot while toasting you can char the wrapper, which will have a negative effect on the cigar's flavor. �If your cigar is on the moist side, holding the flame too close can very quickly generate more heat than necessary, and what you're doing is essentially "boiling" the oils and moisture in the tobaccos. The result could be a cigar that bulges and eventually splits on you, especially if the wrapper is very delicate.
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