A History of Gurkha Cigars

history of gurkha cigars

The history of Gurkha cigars shows off a rich tradition of making high-end premium cigars

If you’ve smoked cigars for more than a week, chances are you’ve heard about Gurkha Cigars in the cigar lounge. Gurkha specializes mainly in high-end premium cigars the likes of which are bought by the most affluent of Maharaja presiding over his kingdom, yet Gurkha also offers lines for the every day smoker that are out-of-this-world incredible for the price. But there’s always a story behind a name, and that’s where your resident smarty-pants (me) comes in. Behold the history of Gurkha Cigars!

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Keys to the City: Houston

Houston is a melting pot of cultures, and much more, according to Rocky Patel, who takes us to one of the Lone Star State's most fascinating cities. Houston has become the homeof restaurants that cater to practically every domestic and foreign cuisine, making it one of the nation's best destinations for foodies. Join Rocky as he points out some of his favorite eateries, including Houston's finest hotels, and cigar lounges.
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Keys to the City: New Orleans

Our monthly travel maven, Rocky Patel, takes you on a virtual tour of New Orleans, as he points out the best hotels, eateries, clubs, and more in "The Big Easy." As Rocky says, "One of the things that makes New Orleans such a fascinating city is that you can have as many as 20 different sensory experiences in one night."
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