joya de nicaragua

Mr. Blanco Goes to China-Chinese Cigar Market

Cigar industry pioneer, José Blanco, talks with Cigar Advisor Executive Editor, Gary Korb, about his recent trip to Hong Kong and Shanghai. The reason for his visit was two-fold: Part vacation, and part serving as a consultant to some businessmen who sought his counsel on the viability of building a premium cigar business in these two major international cities. Blanco is one of many Central American cigar executives who have been trying to open new markets for their premium handmade cigars in Europe and Asia.
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Joya de Nicaragua

Established in 1968 by Cuban émigrés, Juan Francisco Bermejo and Simon Camacho, Joya de Nicaragua was originally founded under the name Nicaraguan Cigars S.A. Today the company is headed by Nicaraguan native, Dr. Alejandro Martinez Cuenca, Ph.D. Working with him is Sr. Vice President, José Blanco, former president of La Aurora Cigars. During the past five years Joya has made some significant changes for the better. Cigar Advisor Editor, Gary Korb, spoke with both gentlemen about the company's past and the keys to their robust revival.
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Turn It Up to Eleven

I promise this is relevant to cigars, so please…bear with me. The Loudness War has seen recorded music compressed into oblivion, forsaking dynamic range (the difference between quiet & loud…
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