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H. Upmann Legacy “Special Edition Wood Mold Gift Set”

h upmann legacy cigarsFORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Cigar enthusiasts can now experience the remarkable heritage of one of the most trusted premium cigar brands with the limited edition H. Upmann Legacy Special Edition Wood Mold gift set, coming soon to Famous Smoke Shop. Each 10-pack of H. Upmann Legacy Toro premium cigars comes set in a rustic wooden cigar mold featuring the H. Upmann logo engraved on the front with a retail price of $75.00.

Traditionally, cigar rollers used these wooden molds after the tobaccos were bunched together and wrapped in their binder leaves to compress the cigar to its shape and form.

“Owning an H. Upmann Legacy Wood Mold is to own an important part of history.” said Janelle Rosenfeld, VP of Marketing, Altadis U.S.A. ” This traditional wooden mold gift set will surely impress and delight long after the cigars have been enjoyed,” she added.

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Thank You, Cigarette Smokers

CigarAdvisor contributor SeanMike Whipkey has got some words of gratitude for cigarette smokers, who got public to rally behind smoking bans. He argues that a properly done smoking ban is actually a boon to cigar smokers, especially those who can't stand the acrid, penetrating smoke of cigarettes. He lays out Virginia's smoking ban as an example, which allows the non-smoking public to avoid second-hand smoke in almost all situations, while allowing patrons to smoke in restaurants and bars that want smokers' business.
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Making the Case

Informed cigar smokers often want to know what tobaccos are in their favorite blends, but as Charlie Toraño argues, you're basically asking cigar makers to reveal their trade secrets. What's more, even knowing country of origin, seed, and priming of all the tobaccos in a blend, you still know less than you think about the blend. Charlie asks: is an oversupply of information limiting your cigar experience?
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Making the Case: Could Tax Increases Actually Destroy the Cigar Industry?

On October 18, 2007, my wife and two kids were enjoying a meal around the kitchen table like it was any other Thursday. I, on the other hand, was glued to CSPAN-LIVE counting votes and praying that the handmade cigar industry would survive. The moment was surreal: whether it knew it or not, my federal government was threatening to destroy my business, an industry rooted in tradition and passion, and the simple joy of smoking a great cigar.
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