Keys to the City London – London Cigar Lounges

Rocky Patel takes you on a virtual tour of London's best places to enjoy cigars in a city with one of the strictest smoking bans in Europe. Rocky zeroes-in on several luxury hotels, all of which have smoking terraces, as well as great places to wine and dine. From cognac and cigars in The Garden at the Dukes Hotel, to Cuba Libre, a Cuban restaurant that's so authentic you'll think you're in Havana, to J.J. Fox & Robert Lewis Tobacconists, serving London's most exclusive clientele for over 200 years, click here to unlock the entire article.
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The Fleet of 1733

Four Spanish galleons, a team of support boats and 20,000,000 pesos worth of Mexican silver found their way to the bottom of the ocean in a 1733 hurricane. Even a Spanish Armada is no match for the fight that Mother Nature can provide. Follow the trip of the Capitana El Rubi's treasure from surface, to sea floor and back again
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