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Get the most bang for buck

Get The Most Bang For Your Buck When Buying Cigars

buying cigars

We can’t all throw money around like Rocky! Get more for your cash when buying cigars with these helpful tips.

We all do it. When buying cigars, we leaf through the catalog or dissect the website looking for a deal. Open emails that scream about savings of 50, 60, 70% or more on great cigars, then pore over the coupons to find out which deal saves the most cash while bringing home the most cigars. Inside all of us is a hardcore cigar value hunter – which, I assume, is why you’re here as well. But even the most budget-conscious among us is willing to drop a little extra coin now and again for a “good” cigar. But are we really just burning up money that could be better – or more smartly – spent?

In a word, “yes.”

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Padron Cigar Review

padron cigar review

Lou provides readers with his Padron cigar review

Padron cigars are one of those magical brands that pretty much every smoker loves or wants to try. It’s not hard to see why, because for decades Padron cigars have included some of the best, tastiest, and highest rated cigars available anywhere.

They owe their success largely to two things. First is a fanatical dedication to quality: they could easily grow bigger to meet demand, but refuse to do so if it means the quality of their cigars would be compromised. The second is their being “vertically integrated,” a fancy corporate word that really just means that they control their entire supply line. So all of the tobacco used to make Padron cigars is grown, harvested, cured, fermented, and aged by Padron in Nicaragua.

Today I’ll be smoking and giving my Padron cigar review cigar from their core line, often referred to as the “thousands series.”

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Mr. Blanco Goes to China-Chinese Cigar Market

Cigar industry pioneer, José Blanco, talks with Cigar Advisor Executive Editor, Gary Korb, about his recent trip to Hong Kong and Shanghai. The reason for his visit was two-fold: Part vacation, and part serving as a consultant to some businessmen who sought his counsel on the viability of building a premium cigar business in these two major international cities. Blanco is one of many Central American cigar executives who have been trying to open new markets for their premium handmade cigars in Europe and Asia.
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Tobacco Farming Part 3: Growing, Aging, and Blending

This month, Nick Perdomo describes in precise detail what it takes to produce the richest tasting tobacco plants. Like most things, it's not as easy as it looks, nor is it cheap; but it you do it right, the rewards are priceless. Working with cooperation with the weather, using some old school smarts, a little modern technology, and excellent timing, every decision is critical for producing a harvest that's worthy of becoming premium handmade cigars.
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