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Home aging your cigars

Home aging your cigars: Yes or No?

Home aging your cigars: the debate continuesOne of the email questions I receive on a pretty regular basis is, “After delivery, how long should I keep my cigars in the humidor before smoking them?” For all intents and purposes, the cigars should be “smoke ready” right out of the box. Just about all of the leading manufacturers age their cigars for a minimum of 6-months in Spanish cedar-lined rooms before shipping. Depending on the cigars, it could be as long as three to five years, and in some cases, even longer; then you have the tobaccos, themselves, which may have been aged for any number of years. It’s safe to presume that a sizable segment of cigar smokers smoke that first cigar out of the box within the first few minutes the package arrives, or at least within the first 24 hrs. Why not, right?

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Cigars and Wine: Tell me something I didn’t know

By Larry Tepper

I just hate hearing someone comment: "Tell me something I didn't know." So, while I'd gladly discuss the wonderful affinity of cigars with Port wines for days on end, who needs a tour guide in familiar territory? The challenge is to find other wines that we can enjoy with cigars. While it's easy to open five different wines for tasting purposes, have you ever tried to keep five different cigars lit at one time?� I did...once. Close to impossible. And believe me, the term "palate burnout" takes on a whole new depth of meaning.� Do not try this at home.

So the project required a few days, with several different cigars and a multiplicity of wines. I deployed my handy Vacu Vin device which extracts air from an open bottle, inhibiting the wine's becoming oxidized for about a week.

For starters I had a lovely Pinot Noir open from the Burgundy region of France, Emile Chandesais Bourgogne 2009.* Reds from this legendary district generally are not full-bodied.� Gloriously fragrant and delicate, true Burgundies are nothing short of a marvel to complement refined cuisine.� So, do not think roast beef.� Think herb-roasted chicken, Cornish game hen, quail, duck, turkey with all the trimmings.

But did it complement my cigar?� No. FAIL.

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