Rafael Nodal

Following in the Footsteps of Hemingway: From Key West to Africa

Coincidence or fate? That is the question Rafael Nodal raises in his article "Following the Footsteps of Ernest Hemingway from Key West to Africa." Nodal, founder of Boutique Brands cigars, has traveled all over the world. Though he was a big fan of the author, Nodal writes, "...without any conscious planning, I have pretty much followed the steps of Ernest Hemingway." Not surprisingly, many of the places Nodal discovered during his travels were the bars Hemingway frequented. Additionally, readers will get a glimpse of the history surrounding these intriguing locations.
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What’s all the Hype about Small Batch Cigars? Are they worth it? You bet they are

Small batch cigars have become one of the most popular interests among cigar smokers for their use of rare and vintage tobaccos. As a result, many manufacturers have jumped on the small batch bandwagon. "In this time of 'one size fits all,' it's good to know that there are cigars that are not mass-produced by big corporations, where the quantity is often more important than the quality," says Boutique Blends President, Rafael Nodal, who explains why these unique cigars are well worth having in your humidor.
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Cigars… My American Story

When we talk about premium cigars, we think of good times, good friends, good food and even good drinks, but an American story? Not really, but the history of premium cigars in America is full of stories about the American Dream. Moreover, there are very few industries that illustrate the American spirit as well as the Premium Cigar Industry...
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