The Slow & Graceful Decline of the Tobacco Leaf: Part 1

Author and contributor, Mark McGinty, reprises some of the characters from his book The Cigar Maker, in Part I of this month's feature entitled, "The Slow and Graceful Death of the Tobacco Leaf." The story begins in 1901 Cuba with Paolo Renteria, a successful tobacco grower who learns that his brother, Armando, has been murdered and their most profitable factory has been burned to the ground during a violent tobacco workers strike in Ybor City. Paolo must go to Tampa and find out what the motive was for his brother's untimely death.
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The Fleet of 1733

Four Spanish galleons, a team of support boats and 20,000,000 pesos worth of Mexican silver found their way to the bottom of the ocean in a 1733 hurricane. Even a Spanish Armada is no match for the fight that Mother Nature can provide. Follow the trip of the Capitana El Rubi's treasure from surface, to sea floor and back again
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