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Welcome Back To The Famous Cigar Blog

The Famous Cigar Blog… We’re Baaaaack!

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Tommy “ZMan” Zarzecki welcomes readers back to the Famous Cigar Blog!

So the Famous Cigar Blog is back here at Famous Smoke Shop and it’s truly better than ever. Why do I say that? Because this is Famous – we do everything bigger and better than anyone else out there, and we say that with a proud confidence. We love cigars, we live the lifestyle and immerse ourselves in the culture.

For some reason, the powers that be picked yours truly to write this Welcome Back Blog, hopefully because of my witty and whimsical Polish / Italian north Jersey persona… or it could be that the other writers are stuck in traffic this morning. But hey, whatever the reason, if you know me at all, you know that I am one passionate son of a bitch when it comes to talking about the world of the hand rolled tobacco goodness.

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Yard Gars: No More Guilt, No More Shame

All right... you know you do it... come on, all guys do it and there's no need to feel the guilt and dirty shame. All cigar smokers reach for the lesser quality cigars during those times when an expensive premium smoke just doesn't make sense. The Yard Gar is an essential part of a cigar lover's arsenal, satisfying the call for tobacco when garage cleaning, car washing, and grass mowing is your call of duty. Join Cigar Advisor Editor at Large, Tommy Zman as he cracks open that bundle of sticks when no one else is looking.
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Donning The Tools of Ignorance: The psychosis of an ice hockey goaltender

Of all the positions played in the world of sports, why would anyone with a sane and rational thinking mind make the choice to become an ice hockey goaltender? The answer is simple - there is nothing sane or rational about the men who stand between the pipes of doom. Cigar Advisor exposes the psychotic nature of goaltenders, the crazies who strap on the tools of ignorance for no good reasons we can come up with. Lunatic legends like Patrick Roy, Glenn Hall, Jacques Plante, and Gump Worsley take us to the dark side, while Flyers Hall of Famer, Bernie Parent goes one on one with our very own Tommy Zman. From the maskless cage dwellers of yesteryear, to the modern netminding nutjobs, we take a look at the vocation with no good explanation.
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