Washington DC

Keys to the City: Washington D.C.

Finding a smoke-friendly place isn't easy - even in our nation's capitol, where many a political deal has been cutover a fine cigar. Cigar Advisor's personal ambassador & concierge, Rocky Patel, has done the legwork for you: the best places to stay...must-visit restaurants for Italian, Med Fusion and Indian eats...and the "virtual wonderland of booze" that are the top-notch bars in D.C. Grab a reservation and see why there never seems to be a recession in Washington.
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Washington Partisan Hostility – Wrapped in Tobacco Leaves?

Have you seen any of the news this past week? The calendar is kind of weird right now – since 4th of July fell on a Wednesday I’m sure that many people made it a 5-day weekend (and more power to you). In case you missed it, there was another jobs report, and much yelling and screaming ensued; everyone yelled at each other about whether “the Mandate” was a tax or a penalty. Gov. Romney was riding a jet ski, and the President was riding a bus. It’s been a little (too) quiet, though, about where the effort stands to exempt premium, hand-rolled cigars from FDA regulation. So as we wrap up another week full of political news/noise, I thought it was a good time to drop in a few recent updates on the standing of the legislation pending in Congress, HR1639/S1461 – The Traditional Cigar Manufacturing and Small Business Jobs Preservation Act.

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