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Tatiana takes the helm at Tatiana Cigars

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The brand was named for Tatiana in 1996, by way of apologizing to her for a startling omission in a Cigar Aficionado article of the company and the Miranda family. The autumn 1996 issue of the magazine (Demi Moore on the cover) carried an elaborate story on Miami Cigar & Company. The company was then seven years old and one of the leading boutique cigar companies.

The focus of the article was Marianna Miranda, the company founder, Nestor Miranda, Director and their late son, Daniel; all active in the business. Daughter, Tatiana, at that time a high school student, often helped her mother at the office, and was extremely upset that she was not mentioned in any context in the article.

Tatiana has decided to take an active role in managing the highly successful cigar line. Tatiana, the brand, commands a market share, in the flavored cigar category, in excess of 43%.*

Tatiana cigars are produced in five (5) sizes:

  • La Vita (5 x 38)
  • Classic and Classic Tubes (6 x 44)
  • Dolce (5 x 30)
  • Miniatures (3.5 x 26)

Depending on the size they are available in rum, vanilla, honey, cherry, amaretto, cappuccino, cherry, chocolate, cinnamon, tropical, mandarin and natural.

There are three additional blends that might be described as more exotic or esoteric. They are “Groovy Blue,” “Night Cap” and “Waking Dream.”

“I think of them as a combination of a cigar and a cocktail,” said Tatiana. “They are very popular with women and men, although men tend to claim they are purchasing them for their wives!”

“Flavored cigars tend to be purchased by people that want to smoke cigars, but want a little something to alter, not mask, the flavor of the tobacco,” Rene J. Castaneda, company Vice President commented. “They are also very attractive to women due to their aromas.”

In 2008 the company added Tatiana “Mocha” a cigar that provided a hint of mocha, so as not to overwhelm the tobacco flavor, but gave off a very luscious mocha aroma. The brand outsells the only competition it has.

“I intend to be very proactive, promoting the line; doing events and making other appearances on behalf of the brand. After all, it is my brand,” Tatiana said with a smile and a wink.

The cigars are all long filler and excellent tobaccos are used. Production is handled by La Aurora in Santiago, Dominican Republic.   (_[ca]__{{{

*Based on a survey of 275 tobacconists that carry multiple lines of flavoured cigars.

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Trish Buddner
2 years ago

I smoke Tatiana Mini Vanilla’s exclusively. 83.00 for 50 is expensive. Quality is no longer there, won’t stay lit. Over saturated. And, not having contact information to complain is not good! Finishing my last batch then, no more Tatiana’s.

Toni Owen
1 year ago

I had the pleasure of the night cap. Was overwhelmed the entire time with pleasure…I’m looking for a sampler of the 3 exotics and all the rest

8 months ago

I’ve been smoking Tatiana’s about a year and a half and I love them I have no complaints at all they help me relax(Memphis Mane)

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