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The International Women’s Cigar Society and CRA: A New Partnership for the Cause of Cigar Liberty

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It’s the International Women’s Cigar Society (IWCS). The IWCS is an amazing collection of dedicated shop owners, professional tobacconists, manufacturers, cigar sales staff and passionate consumers that are dedicated to advancing this commitment for great cigars with the ladies – A noble cause, indeed.

During this surprise visit to CRA, IWCS President Mary Lynn Kane (of Lake Country Cigars in Wisconsin), marketing director Cindy Saka (wife of Drew Estate CEO Steve Saka), and the one who cooked up asking us for a “meeting,” Julie Neumann (of Neumann’s Cigars & More in Illinois) appear with grins upon their faces, along with industry legend of Chicago, Diana Silvius Gits. A host of others soon gathered.

Then, Cindy Saka spoke up. She said the International Women’s Cigar Society wanted to do something that recognized the work of CRA. She said they knew the challenges the industry confronted with the FDA in Washington along with smoking ban and tax issues in the states, and that “they want to be a part of the solution.” She and Mary Lynn Kane added that after discussing this among their board, they wanted to make a financial contribution to advance the defense of the cause for Cigar Democracy.

Amazing. Emotional. Commitment.

All for the passion of a wonderful cigar, and the industry that produces one of the great products of relaxation and camaraderie among friends – men and women alike.

On behalf of the Board and Staff of Cigar Rights of America, our sincere thanks to the International Women’s Cigar Society. You are a model for others.

Visit to learn more about or join IWCS — you can also apply to start a local chapter. As they state on their site, the IWCS is “Making a Difference, One Puff at a Time.”

Please enjoy this video from the IWCS:

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