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CA Report: 10 Top Cigar Box Buys Under $100

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The 10 Best Cigar Boxes Under $100!

Updated November 2022 by Gary Korb

There’s nothing wrong with looking for a great deal. Some will say that you get what you pay for, but the cigar industry routinely proves that wrong. And sure, you might get bragging rights smoking a $400 box of smokes…but answer this: Do you really want bragging rights, or would you rather find a great cigar and keep some extra cash in your wallet? If your answer is yes, keep reading (if it’s no, these will make anyone jealous). 

The list of desirable smokes that are relatively affordable runs deep – and it’s not just boutiques or small batch companies, either. You’ll see that more than half of what’s listed below are coming from national brands.


Why buy by the box? 

cigar advisor top 10 cigar boxes under $100 - mosaic of cigar boxes

If you walk into the store and grab a 12-count case of soda cans (“pop,” if you’re a Midwesterner), you’ll probably get it for $6 bucks, maybe a bit more. But when you exit the store, there’s a vending machine selling the cans individually for $1.00 or more. Double the price. Like the soda manufacturers, cigarmakers are willing to lower the cost if you purchase larger quantities. The lesson here is that if you’ve found a brand you love, you’re always better off buying by the box (and avoiding vending machines).


It’s not just gas prices that are going up.

Think inflation hasn’t hit the cigar business? Have you taken a stroll through your friendly neighborhood cigar store or one of the popular online cigar websites lately? Many of today’s new cigar prices are starting to give a lot of cigar smokers pause.

Fortunately, there are still plenty of great cigars that won’t make you feel like you have to avoid the landlord at the top of the month. Listed here are 10 cigars that all go for under $100 a box. Eight of the 10 boxes come with 18 to 25 cigars. Do the math and they average to $4.07/smoke. The two boxes of 10 average $7.89/smoke, keeping them comfortable under $10/smoke.

Although it turned out to be a significant factor, the cigars weren’t necessarily chosen for their value per-box. They were chosen because they also happen to be bestsellers with excellent customer ratings.

So, as you wind your way through these 10 top cigar box buys, I’m pretty sure you’ll discover at least one or two selections that’ll become regular favorites.

Ed. Note: box prices shown are accurate atime of publication, based on box prices, and are subject to change. 



Arturo Fuente Sun Grown Royal Salute

$81.99 (75/8”x54) Box of 10

Almost always when I tell another cigar smoker how much I like certain Arturo Fuente cigars in maduro, they say, “Oh, you should try it in the sun grown.” One of the best examples of this is the Arturo Fuente Sun Grown Royal Salute. Presented in a cedar sleeve, a dark, Ecuadorian sun grown wrapper caps a medium-bodied blend of ripe Dominican tobaccos. The result is a long-smoking, rich-tasting, smoke issuing well-balanced flavors of cedar, sweet tobacco, nutmeg, and black coffee.


Carlos Toraño Signature Robusto

$70.99 (5”x52) Box of 20

When it comes to the leading Dominican cigar making families, Toraño is up there with the best of them. One of their most impressive lines is the Signature selection. (It used to include a perfecto I was pretty nutty over.) It starts with a dark, Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper that oozes with oily luster. Below that is a blend of bold Dominican and  Nicaraguan ligero. Earthy, leathery, and spicy, this mouthwatering gem reveals a full-bodied banquet of espresso, black pepper, sweet tobacco, and cedar notes.


Oliva Inferno 3rd Degree Robusto

$69.99 (5”x50) Box of 20

cigar advisor top 10 cigar boxes under $100 - oliva inferno 3rd degree at famous smoke shop

A friend of mine told me he had recently discovered the Inferno 3rd Degree Robusto and was loving it. He added that he’d never heard of them, but I wasn’t surprised that he was so impressed. For one, all of the Inferno cigars are priced affordably. Secondly, they’re handcrafted by Oliva Cigars. Finished with a brick colored Habano wrapper, this all-Nicaraguan tobacco blend is triple fermented for a bitter-free, full-bodied smoke. A spicy start rebounds to a smooth-smoking mix of leather, nuts, grainy bread, and a fruity sweetness.


Drew Estate Isla Del Sol Toro

$91.99 – (6”x52) Box of 20

cigar advisor top 10 cigar boxes under $100 - drew estate isla del sol at famous smoke shop

If you happen to be a flavored cigars fan, Drew Estate is the brand behind this coffee-infused favorite. Featuring an infusion of Sumatran Mandheling bean coffee, and a sweet cap, Isla del Sol is a tripa mezclado (a “triple leaf mix”) of Nicaraguan tobacco that’s accented by an Indonesian Sumatra wrapper. The flavors are creamy, smooth, and have a coffee note in each puff. The cap is sweetened, too, so it’ll stand up to your favorite cup of joe. Talk about making your morning, this bestseller will also brighten your afternoon and evening.


La Fontana Vintage Michelangelo

$78.99 – (7½”x52) Box of x20

cigar advisor top 10 cigar boxes under $100 - la fontana at famous smoke shop

La Fontana has always been a great buy for cigar smokers who like their cigars on the mellow side. It’s been called “the poor man’s Davidoff” for its similar-looking collar, pristine Connecticut shade wrappers (lightly sweetened), and affordable price. Handmade with all Honduran-grown tobaccos, I call it a Baccarat that knows somebody. (Coincidentally, both brands are made in the same Davidoff-owned factory.) This ample-sized Double Corona issues a creamy and toasty smoke with notes of sweet cedar, spice, and some natural sweetness, too. Make time for this one on a lazy weekend morning.


La Gloria Cubana Gilded Age Toro

$95.99 – (5½”x54) Box of 18

cigar advisor top 10 cigar boxes under $100 - la gloria cubana gilded age at famous smoke shop

If like me, you like those pudgier Toros, this La Gloria Cubana Gilded Age Toro is a tasty discovery. A dark, spicy Ecuadorian Sumatra Oscuro wrapper drapes Nicaraguan Ligero and Viso tobaccos bunched in a Honduran binder. Think La Gloria’s heartier blends like Serie R in a medium-plus smoke. Thick and creamy from the first puff, the smoke rounds right out soon enough for a spicy, woody smoke with flashes of sweet tobacco. If you’re into bourbon, this Toro makes a rewarding after dinner pairing, too.


Montecristo Relentless Robusto

$75.99 – (5”x54) Box of x10

cigar advisor top 10 cigar boxes under $100 - Montecristo Relentless at famous smoke shop

The Plasencia family gets the credit for creating this rotund Robusto. It’s a Nicaraguan puro handcrafted with a beautifully balanced blend of Jalapa, Condega, and Estelí tobaccos tethered by a bolder Ometepe binder. Add the blushing Nicaraguan Rosado wrapper and this medium-bodied cigar is a delectably creamy dream at a price that defies a number of other Montecristos. Cashews, graham cracker, sweet spices, and cedar simmer on the palate for an unrelentingly gratifying experience. Pair it with a dark, long-aged rum or try it with an espresso or cappuccino.


Punch Clasico London Club

$72.99 – (5”x40) Box of 25

cigar advisor top 10 cigar boxes under $100 - punch clasico at famous smoke shop

Can I show you something in a Petite Corona? How about this bestselling classic short smoke from Punch? Rolled in a lightly spicy Ecuador Sumatra wrapper, a Connecticut Broadleaf binder surrounds Punch Clasico’s traditional Honduran, Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers. Medium-plus in body, the London Club offers notes of roasted nuts, espresso, cedar, and baking spices for up-to-45-minutes of pleasure. The per-cigar price ain’t bad either. If you enjoy exceptionally rich taste with a fair amount of complexity, to boot, this cigar deals it out in spades.


Rocky Patel American Market Selection Sixty

$97.99 – (6”x60) Box of 20

cigar advisor top 10 cigar boxes under $100 - rocky patel american market at famous smoke shop

I’ve been a fan of Rocky’s American Market Selection since it first arrived for its mellow to medium body and toasty character. It’s one of the best first smokes of the day, too. Plus, in the 6×60 Grande size, it tastes doubly good. A silky Ecuador Connecticut shade wrapper surrounds a well-balanced recipe of long-aged Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos. Exceptionally creamy with a delectable mix of cedar and sweet spice, this portly Patel checks all the right boxes. And at just under $5 a smoke by the box, they’re a marvelous value.


Omar Ortez Original Maduro Toro

$76.99 – (6”x54) Box of 20

cigar advisor top 10 cigar boxes under $100 - omar ortez at famous smoke shop

If you’ve never heard of Omar Ortez cigars you’ve been missing out on some mighty fine smokes. As one of Nicaragua’s top tobacco growers, his “Original” cigars have become a cult favorite. Nicaraguan and Panamanian long fillers bound in a spicy Mexican San Andrés leaf are expertly rolled in a Nicaraguan Broadleaf Maduro wrapper. Full in body, this affordably-priced cigar issues chewy flavors of dark chocolate, cedar, and leather garnished with a fair amount of spice. If you’re looking for something a little bolder that you can enjoy almost daily, these Toros are a best bet.

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Jack Bliesath
6 years ago

Partagas extra Oscura, EP
Carillo Dark Rituals, Ramon Bueso Habanos. Some of my favorites sub $80.

Stefan Mazzara
6 years ago

Oliva Serie G. Great cigars for even cheaper than what’s on this list.

Barak-Har Elkin
6 years ago

LGC Rabito de Cochino

Harvey Trautz
5 years ago

A good article. the ones I smoke were listed and there were a couple new ones I want to try thanks

Puros Cigar Club
3 years ago

Thanks for the great overview. Great post, this is really useful information. I am really happy to visit Premium Cigar Boxespost. It is a very informative post for me.

RD Jordan
3 years ago

Helpful article. Thank you! I also like the Nat Sherman Habano 5 x 54, box of 18 when you find it on sale!

Jared Gulick
3 years ago
Reply to  RD Jordan

Thanks! Those Nats are great!

Don McCortney
3 years ago

Punch Rare Corojo Elites and Punch Elites Double Maduro are on my list.

Jared Gulick
3 years ago
Reply to  Don McCortney

Excellent smokes!

Chris Basis
3 years ago

La Unica 100’s. [email protected] $97.99! Awfully good,

Jared Gulick
3 years ago
Reply to  Chris Basis


3 years ago

My favorite value cigar is 5 Vegas Classic.

7 months ago

Cigar monster . Nuff said.

Jared Gulick
7 months ago
Reply to  Julio

Can’t argue there!

Rocky Parsons
6 months ago

Really appreciate these recommendations. I can’t afford to buy a box often and have enjoyed the Isla Del Sol for a couple of years due to the low price point. Now I’m looking forward to trying a couple of the cigars listed here soon.

Jared Gulick
6 months ago
Reply to  Rocky Parsons

Thanks for reading, Rocky! Be sure to let us know what you thought once you’ve tried the cigars that sound good to you!

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