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How to Fix Uneven Burning Cigars

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Cigar Q&A: Fixing Uneven Burning Cigars

Q. What’s the best way to deal with a cigar that’s burning unevenly?
– Steve K. in California

A. If the cigar does not correct itself (as some better made cigars will if you’re patient enough), let the cigar go out and cool down. Then, positioning a double blade cutter or cigar scissors about 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch behind the ashen foot, cut through the cigar. Make sure the cutter or scissors have really sharp blades so you get as clean a cut as possible.

Gently re-toast the cigar and light. If the cigar starts to burns unevenly again, there’s probably not much you can do about it. It’s probably just the way it was rolled, one of the leaves is a little to oily, or something with the wrapper is funky. But if the cigar tastes good, try to enjoy it as much as possible before you decide to toss it.

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Jack Stand
6 years ago

Seems a bit drastic for a touch up. I generally use a single flame lighter and slowly burn the run side down to even. Some cigars require several touch ups. I hate re-lighting and avoid it when I can.

Bill Pick
6 years ago

It seems to happen as sticks

have been in humidor for awhile-any ideas?

H Jack McCunn Jr
6 years ago

Sometimes – licking my fingertip and wetting the wrapper where it is burning to fast will slow it down and let the rest of the burn catch up.

James Birmingham
6 years ago

I just roll the runner underneath. It usually corrects itself.

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