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Video Review: VUDU Dark

VUDU Dark Cigar Review: No.7

The Cigar Advisor cigar review returns...but this time, it's an intimate look at Jesus Fuego's new take on VUDU - called VUDU Dark. An exclusive blend that's as rich as it is dark, thanks to a Pennsylvania wrapper that's been cured to a deep, dark almost-maduro...meaning there's the potential for an underlying sweetness, thanks to the  PA leaf. The subject for this VUDU Dark cigar review is the No. 7, a slim Toro that comes bundled in a package of 19, and packed in a unique jar humidor that's shipped from the factory with a 69% Boveda pack for freshness. Watch the review for the details on both the smoke and the jar - or if you'd like Jonathan & Gary's tasting notes on this J. Fuego cigar, skip below to read their impressions in greater detail. Remember, the boys don't do scores - they just tell you what qualities they've found within the smoke, and whether they think you'll like it...or not. Watch it now!

The Stats:

Country of Origin: Honduras

Size: 5 3/4" x 50 (Toro) - "No. 7"

Strength: Full

Wrapper: Pennsylvania Broadleaf (sun-grown)

Filler: Nicaragua

Binder: Nicaragua

Presentation:  Jar of 19




My VUDU Dark Cigar Review:

Appearance and Feel: It’s an interesting looking cigar for the simple fact that the Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper has bumps on it. This is common for PA broadleaf, but it adds an element of VUDU weirdness to the mix. Other than that, the cigar is perfectly constructed. Great deep and dark color, the cap is perfectly applied, and the cut was smooth. The feel was firm with a slight give which usually indicates it was properly filled. Overall, I can’t find anything really wrong with this cigar in terms of appearance and feel.

Pre-Light: I took a big ol’ whiff of the cap and got what I believe to be the smell of sweet tobacco. It reminds me of the first time I walked into a cigar shop and took in that big nose full of Spanish Cedar and tobacco. The taste is a mild sweetness and spice. The pre-light aroma and cold draw are very similar in composition.

Taste: I like this cigar a lot. It doesn’t have much complexity to it, which in my opinion is a big “so what?” Right off the bat I get a slight spice, but not like a black pepper or anything. More like a real mild clove, among others. As I work my way down the cigar, creaminess comes to mind along with a nice earthy sensation. Flavors do develop here and there, but like I said, it’s not overly complex. For the price and for a Jesus Fuego cigar, this is absolutely a winner. You honestly can’t find cigars this good anymore at a price that lets you smoke one after another without putting a hole in your pocket.

Final Thoughts: Like I said, for what the cigar is, and for who it’s by, you can’t get a better cigar for the cost. It’s got a pronounced flavor with a medium-full bodied strength profile at a price that is too good to pass up on. As an added bonus, it all comes in a new-aged humidification jar with a killer design on it and a Boveda pack included for guaranteed freshness! However, the smallest size does not offer this jar. No other cigar I've had has given this massive flavor with this impeccable construction, along with a piece of collectable and useful cigar art for your man cave. Jesus Fuego, I give it a big thumbs up.




My VUDU Dark Cigar Review:


Paired with: Coffee

Construction and Overall Appearance:Very good. Wrapper is somewhat rustic and toothy. The cigar is also well-packed.

Draw (airflow):Very good.

Pre-light flavor (cold draw):Earthy with some sweetness.

Toasting & Light:Very good.

First few puffs:Creamy, smooth and earthy in flavor.

Base flavors:Earthy and toasty with notes of sweet spice.

Burn / Ash Quality:Burn is even, ash firm.


Summary:I enjoyed this new VUDU Dark cigar by Jesus Fuego; then again, I’ve been a fan of his work for a long time, and as expected, this dark, earthy cigar did not disappoint. The construction is very good, revealing an excellent burn and firm ash. The base flavors are a combination of “dusky” earthiness backed by sweet-spice elements that are well balanced and consistent throughout. For those who don’t usually smoke maduros in the morning, this cigar is a welcome exception thanks to its medium body and thick, creamy smoke.

Both new and veteran cigar smokers should find the VUDU Dark No.7 quite accessible in terms of its flavor profile, and the very affordable price makes them even more tempting to those looking for a solid “everyday” cigar.