What causes tunneling?

Q.And what can be done to correct it while smoking?
– A. Di Salvo

A. The Q&A at this link addresses the issue of what to do about tunneling, but don’t click just yet…

Tunneling can be caused by:

1. The outer wrapper is too moist or too oily, and does not burn at the same rate as the filler and binder, the latter of which is used for its excellent burning qualities.

2. The filler and binder are not rolled tightly enough, and again, because the binder is designed to burn well, the inner tobaccos take off, leaving the wrapper behind. Or, the filler and binder are a little dry, causing the inner leaves to burn that much faster.

When you light up, be sure you get a good even burn across the entire foot. The leaf at the center, usually the Ligero, burns the slowest. If the cigar really burns well, you should get a nicely formed cone, or “cherry” when you tap off the ash.