Wicked Cool Shit - a Cigar Advisor Buying Guide (April 2013)

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Vintage Baseball Glove Wallet

You don't have to make Pujols money to carry around a little bit of Baseball in your pocket. These soft (read: broken-in), sporty-looking wallets are "impossible to duplicate - hand cut & wax stitched from vintage Wilson Leather" baseball gloves. Each wallet is one of a kind, and will undoubtedly spark a conversation about it's history every time you use it. Who knows? Maybe one of these wallets once graced the hand of Willie Mays or Hank Aaron. Or Pete Rose's gambling hand. Or Billy Martin's pimp hand. Or Jose Canseco's 'roid hand. Or Kirby Puckett's...yeah...

Price: $80

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Marshall® Amp Fridge

For those about to drink, we salute you...the Marshall Amp Fridge is a must for any disciple of rock's man cave or home recording studio. Perfect for keeping your beer, snacks, and other refreshments stone cold, the fridge features authentic Marshall Amp parts including the logos, fret cloth, brass-finished faceplate, and dials that go to...11!

Price: $399.99 (shipping included)

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MAKOMAN™ Shark End Table

You won't need a bigger boat to land this awesome-looking, custom, hand-made shark end table. Designed by artist Bobby Radical, the Mako Shark heads are made from fiberglass and resin. Made in the U.S.A., this charming (because we all know shark attacks = charming) conversation piece is the perfect addition to every sportsman's recreation room.

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Master Lock® dialSpeed Digital Padlock

Talk about high-tech security, the Master Lock dialSpeed digital padlock offers maximum security with BlockGuard® anti-shim technology - a new latching mechanism that is designed to stop shimming. And if you have no idea what shimming is, then you should definitely buy this now. Its electronic directional interface offers speedy ease of use, and the ability to set multiple personalized codes. Plus, its permanent Backup Master Code system means you'll never have to bring a hammer to the gym to try to pry it off your locker, because you forgot your combination.

Price: $39.68

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Handpresso Auto E.S.E. Espresso Machine for the Car

Why stop at Starbucks for an espresso with a shot of rude employee, when you can make a cup of savory brew right in your own ride? Simple and easy to use: place the Handpresso Auto in your cup holder...unplug your iThing, and plug this into your car's 12V auxiliary socket...add water, and an E.S.E. coffee pod of your the start button, and enjoy a creamy, tasty coffee treat from behind the wheel. Brewing time is short, but still long enough to dash off a few text message while you're doing 90mph and making coffee. In case you get pulled over, don't forget the donuts.

Price: $200

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Exotic Car Part Furniture

This is black-belt level mancave. Designer Ronen Wasserman - Tinman, though his medium is decidedly more heavy metal - has taken what would be cars, bikes and parts destined for the scrap heap and turned them into functional furniture art. Like this treasure chest, made from an old BMW 318, and lined with blue velvet. He keeps the badges on his pieces because they are, like the dings and dents in the metal, the story the car has to tell. It's also a hell of a recycling job, of which Ronen is very conscious.

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Grill Comb

Grilling? Can't beat a skewer full of awesome. Except when pulling the goods off that little bamboo stick: the tomato goes rogue and explodes all over the beef tip in a shower of vegetable goo and seeds, completely deflating the fire-to-table experience. So the geniuses (genii?) at fusionbrands decided to "straighten out the hassles of using long and pointy single threading skewers." Basically, go sideways and no more tomato jizz. Multiple teeth keep a better hold on the food: that way the shrimp don't make an early exit through the grates into the fire when you try to turn them, but still slide off neatly - and splinter-free - onto your plate. Dishwasher safe, and a hair bit safer to load up with food than your run of the mill stick. Just remember to use tongs to take it off the grill - unless you like it as a branding iron, too.

Price: $11/set of 2

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The award-winning Biegert & Funk design agency has developed the watch we dreamed of when we were learning to tell time. No pesky hands or numbers, just the facts. "It's half past seven," dammit. Actually, their idea came from designing a clock that tells time "like people talk to each other." Which doesn't explain why it doesn't say, "it's half past seven - where the f*ck are you?"

Available in brushed stainless or leather strap, and in English, German and French languages.

Price: $770 and up

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Whiskey Barrel Chair

Now, three options for taking your whisky: neat, over ice, or sitting. Balazs Moldovan, who runs the Hungarian Workshop in San Diego, takes used whisky (and wine) barrels and drams new life into them - as furniture. His Adirondack chairs retain the charring typical of seasoned barrels, which gives each seat individual character through its brown/black patina. The staves are sanded to take away the sediment that remains from the fermenting process while still leaving behind those beautiful, boozy colors that have worked their way into the wood. They look pretty comfortable; initial reports of getting tipsy through osmosis from chair seat to your seat have so far not been proven (but we can hope).

Price: $569

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Kanz Field Desk

A workaholic's dream. KANZ Outdoors' mission is to "create outdoor products...that simplify the process of living outdoors, with the single goal of encouraging more excursions into nature." Which is perfect if you want to get lost in the wilderness, but still have some reports to finish for tomorrow's budget meeting. Compact & portable, it's outfitted with lithium ion batteries and solar panels, adaptors and chargers for use with various electronic devices such as DIN radios, laptops and audio-video devices. In more practical applications, it's to be used as a base camp communication or command center, photo/video field processing station, or just the coolest campground ever.

Price: $1,995 and up

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