Will my cigars’ flavors mix if stored without their cellos?

Q: I read somewhere online that cigars will start sharing or mixing flavors if they are next to each other in the humidor without their cellos. Is there any truth to that?
– Arthur Joseph III in Shreveport, LA

A: Here’s the thing. A lot of cigar smokers believe that the flavors will “marry,” and there may be some truth to it. Regardless, I keep my entire collection integrated (in all of my humidors), and mostly without cellos. I have done this for years and it doesn’t seem to have had any negative effect on the flavor and character of my cigars no matter how long they’ve been in the humi. IMO, they taste better.

The case in which segregation makes the most sense is with cigars like ACID that are infused with botanicals and herbals. The aromas are so pungent in these cigars, they really should be stored separately, even if kept in their cellos. As I’ve mentioned in past Q&A’s with similar questions, remove a couple of cigars that are the same brand and shape from their cellos. After about 3 months, compare them to the cigars left in their cellos. If one tastes better than the other, you be the judge and go with the method that offered the better tasting smoke.