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Looking for tips to keep your smokes…more smokeable? Weird things happening in your humidor? Whatever your stogie challenge, the Advisors have answers – and present the lowdown on the most-asked cigar questions we get from smokers of all skill levels. We’ll even tackle cigar gifts for the pickiest smoker you know, in these short videos.

Cigar Questions #1: What is the Proper Humidity Level for Storing Cigars?

The most frequently asked questions we get are about humidor care, especially when it comes to proper humidity levels, like this question from Juan S.: “What is the proper humidity level I  should keep my humidor at, and how often should I check it?” Although 70% humidity has been the usual norm, the answer may surprise you. If you’ve been wondering about the humidity level in your humidor, click below for my answer. Plus, I’ll tell you about another way to keep the environment  in your humidor more stable.

~ Gary

Cigar Questions #2: How Do I Fix a Cigar That’s Burning Wrong?

We love when you ask us questions because we just love talking about cigars! And I got a great one from Charlie in Minnesota pertaining to burn issues. Basically he wants to know why burn issues happen and what can he do about them? Well, there are several reasons why a cigar may not burn so well, and yeah, there ARE some things you can do to save that stick. Watch my quick little video and I just might have an answer or two that’ll help you preserve that precious puro!

~ Tommy Zman

Cigar Questions #3: Should I Store My Cigars With the Cellophane On or Off?

Cello or no cello? That seems to be the most popular question. That’s why I’m answering Tom from Washington’s question today: “My friend always takes the cello off his cigars before putting them in his humidor. I leave them on. What’s the right way to store your stogies?” Click here to find your answer, Tommy boy, and all will be right with the world.

~ Jonathan

Cigar Questions #4: What Cigars Would You Recommend as a Cigar Gift?

We get asked for cigar recommendations all the time…but this one stood out because Shevah asked us on Facebook, “I’m trying to buy a gift for someone, but I don’t know squat about cigars…can you guys give any recommendations?”

Yes, Shevah, we can.

Watch and I’ll explain why choosing cigar gifts can be a challenging experience; and I’ll give you three easy tips for choosing the right gift for your cigar smoking pal, even if you don’t consider yourself a cigar expert.

~ John

Feel free to share these with your brothers and sisters of the leaf; and if you have more questions you’d like answered, hit us on Facebook or leave it in a comment below!

Want more cigar Q&A? Click here to see our next round of videos

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More Cigar Questions: Answered - Cigar Advisor
8 years ago

[…] queries we get from both new and seasoned cigar vets alike on pretty much anything cigar-related. Last time around, we talked burn issues, cellos on or off and cigar gifts in our videos; this time, let’s call it the “Humidor Edition“…a batch of the most […]

Shawn Miller
5 years ago

I have had burn issues with the Drew Estates infused cigars after 1/2 smoked. Is this common? Should I expect to smoke 1/2 down and be done ?

4 years ago

Why ? My Humidor read 72 -73 but yet why do some of my cigars still pealing.Please help.

4 years ago

Why? My Humidor read 72-73 why are my cigars pealing. Hope to hear from you soon.

Clarissa Crowe
3 years ago

I smoke tabak dulce but they are currently on backorder. Can you think of a cigar that would taste similar to the Tabak Dulce?

Gary Korb
3 years ago
Reply to  Clarissa Crowe

Hi Clarissa —
Have you tried the Isla del Sol. Also made by Drew Estate, and very popular, too.
Check them out here:
Hope they do the trick for you. Let us know, too!

jeffrey Murray
1 year ago

I have a new Humidor and seasoned it properly (250 count humidor) my last humidor was a 150 count humidor that held a constant 69-71 %RH with using my 250 count humidifier with PG solution. MY NEW HUMIDOR, I use my 250 count humidifier and it gets up to 74-76 % RH. I took it out and for 3 days I’ve been holding 68-71 % RH. Even If I use my 100 count Humidifier it still goes up to 74-75% what’s going on? Its a 250 count humidor and I have about 30 percent available space and use a circulating fan inside. I seasoned it properly, and I’m confident that my cigars are not over humidified. Is it just that good of a humidor?

Cigar Advisor Staff

Cigar Advisor Staff


The Cigar Advisor Staff is comprised of three good-humored, yet dangerously unpredictable writers who share over 60 years of premium cigar smoking experience. Traversing the tobacco landscape like smoke-shrouded Avengers, they wander (mostly because the fat one ate the map) in search of new leaf adventures armed with nothing but torch lighters and runcible spoons as their weapons. Each is equally knowledgeable on the matters and pursuits of the cigar lifestyle, with his own unique and capricious insights on various luxury, sports, automobiles and entertainment affairs - all served with good counsel for your reading pleasure.

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