Ed Bearby – Sales Team Supervisor
ed bearby famous veteran

Ed is the Team Lead of Famous’s Guest Services department, helping customers to find the right cigars and accessories.

Name: Ed Bearby

Position at Famous:  Sales Team Supervisor

Service Branch: U.S. Navy

Rank attained: Chief Petty Officer

Years of service: 1962 – 1976

Location(s) where stationed: Various Sea and Land Stations

Name of unit: CAG-30

Name of ship and mission/area of operations: Pacific Fleet


About Ed’s military service:

As a young sailor I worked for a Chief Petty Officer who was always walking around with a stogie in his mouth. As time went on and I advanced in rank, he finally took me under his wing and introduced me to cigar smoking. We used to sit outside the club, drink a few beers and smoke whatever cigars we could get our hands on. I don’t believe I ever smoked a true premium cigar until later in life.

About Ed’s role at Famous Smoke Shop and his smoking habits:

My role at Famous is as the Team Leader of our “Guest Services Sales” team. We handle the inbound sales calls and assist our customers in the selection of cigars and accessories. I am a social cigar smoker who enjoys a quality cigar with a cocktail or just sitting outside on the deck with a couple of friends. I prefer cigars from Drew Estate but I also enjoy many other brands. My co-workers here at Famous are always introducing me to new brands, and I will normally purchase a 5 or 10 cigar sampler just to try even more untried brands. Among them all, I have only found one that I really did not enjoy.

Why Ed loves his job:

The staff here at Famous Smoke Shop create a very friendly work environment, that makes coming to work every day an enjoyable experience. Dealing with our customers is one of the most pleasant experiences, since cigar smokers are generally very pleasant and want to talk to someone who can assist them or just talk to them about cigars in general. So, being a cigar smoker is a great asset when talking with our customers.