Richard Pierson – Network and System Admin

Richard Pierson - Cigars For Warriors

Name: Richard Pierson

Position at Famous: Network and System Admin

Service Branch: USN USANG

Rank attained: E5/E7

Years of service: USN 1969-1977, ANG 1977-1997

Location(s) where stationed: Comsubpac, Pearl Harbor, 2017 Communications Flight Squadron Willow Grove Pa, USS Will Rogers, Groton CT.

Name of unit: ANG 3/112FA

Name of ship and mission/area of operations: USS Will Rogers, Atlantic Fleet.


About Richard’s military service:

The only time I smoked cigars in the military was to ward off mosquitoes and other insects. Back then I was a cigarette smoker.

About Richard’s role at Famous Smoke Shop:

I’m the Network and Systems Administrator for Famous Smoke Shop. I was a cigarette smoker for years, so my first real exposure to premium handmade cigars was when I started working here. After about a year, I quit smoking cigarettes entirely. I now tend towards full-bodied Toro and Robusto sizes. I have my favorite brands, but pretty much enjoy every cigar I’ve had here.

Why Richard loves his job:

Great people to work with and for. Always something to get into and the opportunity to do and learn things that are out of your comfort zone. It’s a challenging and fun job. To work on computers and network stuff, smoke and evaluate cigars, while having a cigar bar and a good restaurant in the same building, what else is there?