Ryan Alin – Web Developer
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In addition to his brave service and slick web coding skills, Ryan built this section of the site that you’re browsing right now!

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Ryan enjoying a fine cigar after a hard day’s coding.

Name: Ryan Alin

Position at Famous: Web Developer

Service Branch: US Army Infantry

Rank attained: Specialist (E-4)

Years of service: 1996 – 2000

Name of unit: HHC 2/8 Inf, 4th ID

About Ryan’s military service:

For me, cigar smoking in the Service was a way to relax when the entire rest of your world was crazy. When you didn’t know where you were going, or what you would be doing, or when you would get back from doing it, you could bring a few sticks with you and know that you had a few hours of relaxation stashed in your ruck. When you were in a desert, or a jungle, or some backwoods training ground with no way to connect to home, you could close your eyes, light up a cigar and for just a moment pretend you weren’t deep in the thick of it doing things you would rather not be doing, and pretend that all was right in the world again.

About Ryan’s role at Famous Smoke Shop and his smoking habits:field2

I’m a Front-End Web Developer here at Famous, which means I get to make the pretty interactive bits that let people like myself buy the cigars I love to smoke, which is really a win/win scenario for me. I’m a two to three a day cigar smoker and I prefer medium to full-bodied smokes. A glass of scotch and a cigar out by the fire pit sounds like a perfect evening to me.

Why Ryan loves his job:

I love working at Famous because the people here quickly became like family. It’s a company that I am proud to be a part of. I get to do the two things I love to do: web development and cigar smoking, and I get to do them for the company that provided me with my cigars before I worked here. From the ownership to the management to all of the employees, you can feel the love for the pastime and the cigar smoking industry.