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Rocky Patel Cigars are among the world's leading brands of imported premium cigars. Rocky is a perfectionist when it comes to blending, and takes great pride in offering you the most rich-tasting, complex, and highest quality cigars imaginable. Using only the finest long-aged tobaccos, they are constantly striving to make better cigars for your enjoyment. As Rocky says, 'I hope you appreciate our efforts and share the same passion.' Isn't it time you had the pleasure of a Rocky Patel cigar?

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Rocky Patel Cigars Reviews

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"I've had better Rockys"
- A buddy introduce me to cigars by giving me a RP Olde World Reserve. I...more
'Best Of Rocky Patel' Sampler # 3
Phil in Gainesville, GA - October 7, 2013
"Ummmm OK"
- I like Rocky Patel's cigars for the most part. This sampler is so-so...more
Rocky Patel 5 Pack Sampler
Charlie in Easton Pa - March 17, 2013
"Not great."
- I've had this for about two weeks and it gives sporadic performance....more
Rocky Patel Executive Triple Flame Lighter Black
Eric in Boston - March 11, 2013
"Good RP Taste Test"
- I am a fan of RP's. From what I have read most people either love or...more
'Best Of Rocky Patel' Sampler #1
Philip in Gainesville, GA - December 22, 2012
"My House Lighter"
- I have had this lighter for a little over 2 years, replaced it twice...more
Rocky Patel South Beach Quad Flame Green
Ethan Y in Dallas, TX - November 11, 2012
Rocky Patel
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Best Of Rocky Patel Sampler 5
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Best Of Rocky Patel Sampler 1
Sale Ends 08/02/14! Sale Price: $ 34.95 Retail Price: $ 62.12
Best Of Rocky Patel Sampler  3
Evolution by Rocky Patel

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