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Ugly Coyote Cigars Description

Ugly Coyote cigars capture the spirit of the old west, when cigars were rolled by hand en route to the new territories. Handmade with fine tobaccos and naturally sweet, if you've got a hankerin' for cigars like Backwoods, now you can settle in and enjoy the mild flavor and aroma of Ugly Coyote. It's an honest cigar at an honest price. You can't ask for more than that from a relaxing, everyday smoke. Try Ugly Coyote cigars today and compare. Sure 'nuf partner, you'll be back for more.

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Ugly Coyote Cigars Reviews

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"Very Nice Smoke"
- At first I thought these were going to be small, little, dinky cigars...more
Ugly Coyote Chocolate (8)
Christian in Texas, USA - October 15, 2014
"Save Your Money"
- Harsh, not even close to Backwoods. I got stuck with 100 of them. I...more
Ugly Coyote Original Natural Sweet (8)
Frank in IL - September 22, 2014
"A Pleasant Surprise"
- I was skeptical when I was ordering some Backwoods and these were...more
Ugly Coyote Test Flight
Mike in NY - September 21, 2014
"Smells Good, Taste Bad"
- Not what I expected from other reviews as they are very strong. They...more
Ugly Coyote Cherry (8)
William in Largo, FL - September 13, 2014
"Best of the Bunch"
- Personally I like these the best out of all the other flavors they...more
Ugly Coyote Berry (8)
William in Largo, FL - September 13, 2014
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