Csonka Car Fresh Air Purifier:

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Get all the air cleaning power of a big Csonka air purifier in this affordable compact unit that plugs into the accessory outlet of your car, truck, or SUV. Eliminates smoke and other odors by safely ionizing the air. A must-have for every cigar-smoking driver - especially if you own a hybrid!
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"Does nothing "
Smoked a cigar in my Jeep with this air purifier plugged in. Left it plugged in... more
Joel in MA
"Dissapoionted "
I bought this to use during my two hour commute from PA to Ocean County NJ and I... more
Anthony P in New Jersey
If you follow the instructions, this little device works great! If you are on s... more
"Great dissapointment "
This was a great disappointment. After smoking a cigar in my truck an hour later... more
Anne in Valparaiso, IN
"Works great! "
I have used this product in two SUV's for over three years. I smoke cigars with ... more
T. Abel in Lake Ridge, Va.
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