Double Blade Cutter Plastic: 54 Ring - Black

Black Cigar Cutter
54 Ring - Black

$1.99Retail Price: $ 4.00
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Smooth, two finger action for quick, sharp cuts at an 'El Cheapo' price. This cigar cutter can't be beat, especially if you're prone to losing things or want a spare cutter on hand for emergencies. Cuts cigars up to a 54 ring. Buy a bunch of 'em and stop worrying.
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"Does its job "
Does the job for the price. Use it like the disposable cutter that it is. Don't ... more
Ty in Fruit Capitol
"Don't waste your money "
This arrived with the blade slightly bent. Trying to use this is nearly impossib... more
"You get what you pay for "
Killed the blades on it's first cigar. Came free with a lighter in an Aspira bu... more
Brandon in Minnesota
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