Spiced Wingman #1 Cigar Sampler

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In Air Force terms, the Wingman is a second pilot who protects the lead pilot by flying just behind his right wing. To that end, we've paired great cigars that perfectly complement each other in these affordable samplers. Presented in packs of 10 cigars, you'll love these high-flying match-ups from the leading cigar makers that cover a wide range of countries, strengths and wrappers. If you like one cigar, odds are you'll like the other, too. Browse the list and order your Wingman now.
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"Very enjoyable smoke. "
I was not a cigar smoker and had a Kuba Kuba at my brother s insistance. I reall... more
Bob in Virginia Beach
"Pretty Good "
Overall a pretty good smoke. I enjoy the Kuba Kubas and Blondies more, but this... more
ThePawofRizzo in OK
"Poor "
Did not enjoy...
Scott in Mi
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