Xikar Crystal Humidifier 250 Rectangular

Maintains 70% RH 250 Cigars

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Maintains 70% RH 250 Cigars
The XiKAR Crystal 250 humidifier has a special polymer gel that absorbs up to 450 times its weight in fluid. That means better cigar humidification and less work for you. DO NOT use 50/50 solution with this unit. It is designed to work best with XiKAR's own PG solution, or plain distilled water.
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"Works For Awhile "
Used with Xicar proprietary solution, these humidifiers work just fine ? for a l... more
Larbo in Central, IL
"Use Xikar solution "
Do NOT use water or regular PG solution, use Xikar brand fluid only. I ve had th... more
Greg in PA
"Do not use water "
Do NOT use water in this unit. I use Xikar's solution and have yet to have any s... more
Greg in PA
"Great if you follow directions "
These work great if you use them correctly. DO NOT use distilled water or tap w... more
Frank in Overland Park, KS
"Great for a while "
I have had three of these and each time they grew mold on them. They work great... more
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