Xikar X8 Black Cigar Cutter: 64 Gauge Black

64 Gauge Black

$26.99 Retail Price: $ 29.99
Carbon Fiber Cigar Cutter
64 Gauge Carbon Fiber

$31.99 Retail Price: $ 34.99
Black Carbon Fiber
You may not recognize this Xikar double-blade cigar cutter without the hallmark teardrop shape, but rest assured, the blade is every bit as sharp, so your cigars can be clipped with ease. The wide finger holes offer more comfortable cuts, and even better is the price. Why pay more? Order yours now!
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"Great cutter "
Stayed razor sharp for two years, Xikar replaced for free with a brand new one. ...  more
Greg in PA
"Great cutter, great deal! "
I like all sizes of cigars - including 60 gauge and up. This super cutter will c ...  more
Jack Ferguson in Dallas, TX
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