So... it's day 1 after a break-up.

You’re now a free agent. It’s still early and you’re not in the mood to talk about it. All people need to know is it was pretty mutual (only it wasn’t) and it was for the best (only it’s not). The 5 stages of grief are typically denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Your stages will be Brooklyn Lager, Henry Clay Stalk Cut Gran Corona cigar, another Brooklyn Lager, repeat as needed, and 17 hours of sleep. The system works.

henry clay stalk cut gran coro

Henry Clay Stalk Cut Gran Corona

MSRP: $8.00  |  Other Henry Clay Cigars

"The well balanced maltiness blends well with the earthy-spicy wild side of this bold Henry Clay offering. If you're a pizza fan, have some - then work this pairing right after for a slice of heaven." — Jorge Vazquez / Beer Product Manager

Famous Smoke



Country Dominican Republic
Strength Medium
Ring Gauge 46
Size 6"
Leaf Type Broadleaf
Shape Corona
Wrapper Color Maduro
Wrapper Origin Connecticut
Smoke Time 2 Hours

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brooklyn lager
Goes well with

Brooklyn Lager

Brooklyn Brewery

This lager pours golden/orange, minimal head. It has a floral hops aroma with hints of citrus and a little caramel.

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