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10 Top Toro Cigars Under $10

Our Top 10 Toro Cigar Picks Under $10 Reviewed!

Updated May 2023 by Jared Gulick

The premium handmade Toro cigar: about midway in length between a Robusto and a Churchill, it’s one of the most popular cigar shapes offering a long, pleasurable smoke, plenty of flavor, and very often, good value. For this list, we’ve aimed the spotlight at 10 Toros that offer quality construction, great taste, and individually sell for less than $10*. If you’re already a Toro smoker, or scouting around for your first, you’ll find some new cigars, proven bestsellers, and even a few dark horses.

*Keep in mind, prices fluctuate over time, so what’s accurate today may not be next year and so on. Additionally, when we’re referring to cigars under $10, it’s based on box price, not singles which are usually priced a bit higher.

Check out our list of the 10 Best Toro cigars and see which ones sound like music to your taste buds!

La Gloria Cubana Serie R No. 6

Those who know smoke Serie R. A legend in any smoke shop, La Gloria Cubana’s flagship cigar line is always a win for your humidor. Its blend of Ecuador Sumatra over Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos produces bold, yet amazingly smooth flavors of wood, earth, exotic spices, and a heavy dose of natural sweetness. Retrohaling gives an added layer of spices without overwhelming; R’s listed ‘full body’ feels more like medium plus to us. Year after year, Serie R stays price friendly, and it makes us wonder how lesser-quality cigars justify their high prices. Simply put, this Toro is summed up nicely with: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Alec Bradley Black Market Toro

Replacing the discontinued Nica Puro (Rest in Peace, King) from the original list, Alec Bradley Black Market fills its crown and sits comfortably among our favorite blends of all time—and judging by pro and customer ratings alike, probably one of your faves, too. Black Market’s worldly blend of premium tobaccos delivers a satisfying sensory experience with hints of coffee, cocoa, pepper, and baking spices. Black Market is the epitome of affordable luxury at its price, and though it creeps slowly toward the $10 barrier, it still falls below it today. No better time than now, right?

Drew Estate Undercrown Maduro Gran Toro

Created by Willy Herrera and the Drew Estate torcedors, Undercrown Maduro has become a constant in our humidors. The Gran Toro is expertly crafted, and from puff one, issues a rich and creamy nuttiness, accentuated by a ribbon of sweet spices that linger on the finish. Medium-plus flavors of dark chocolate, sweet cream, and toffee will keep your inner cigar geek smiling long into the evening hours. Complexity is an understatement. One thing’s for sure…you’re in for a delicious ride.

Romeo y Julieta House of Romeo Nicaragua Maduro Toro

When the original House of Romeo debuted in 2020, we couldn’t believe our senses (or our wallets). It became an instant classic, and we tripped over ourselves just to get the word out fast enough. And then…somehow…RyJ improved it again. The filet mignon to the OG blend’s porterhouse, House of Romeo Nicaragua boasts a painstakingly-selected bouquet of tobaccos from Mexico and Nicaragua. Expect flavors of oak, warm spices, nutmeg, and a flourish of caramel. Don’t take my word for it. Smoke it and believe!

Macanudo Inspirado Orange Toro

Of all the Inspirado lines Macanudo has released, one stands above the rest. Time and again, my fellow smokers give Inspirado Orange the flavor crown—and for good reason. It’s hands down…the best of the line. Combine a citrus zest with notes of leather, butter, nuts, with a full-bodied array of spices and you’ll find the Orange’s spot on the cigar flavor wheel. This mouthwatering display arises from the blend’s select Honduran, Dominican, and Nicaraguan, tobaccos and proves once and for all that Macanudo is no longer a “mellow cigar brand.”

Aganorsa Leaf La Validacion Connecticut Toro*

To our friends at Aganorsa, there’s no better validation than smoking a fine premium. We’re inclined to agree, especially when it comes to La Validacion Connecticut! The blend boasts a silky, blonde Connecticut Shade wrapper from Ecuador which caps a rich-tasting, Aganorsa leaf core. Beautifully handcrafted and box-pressed with slightly rounded corners, the smoke issues a creamy, well-balanced brew of earth, oak, and sweet spices on a long and slightly peppery finish. Another excellent example of the more strident Connecticuts now on the market, and offered at a very reasonable price. If you’re fond of prime Connecticut wrapper, La Validacion Connecticut is a must-try.

*Aganorsa Leaf La Validacion Connecticut has undergone name and packaging changes. The cigar shown looks different from what you’ll receive if purchased, but rest assured, the blend is the same. We will update with a photo showing the new packaging soon!

Charter Oak Toro Maduro

Some of the finest U.S. Connecticut-grown wrapper comes from Nick Melillo’s Foundation Cigar Company, and this Broadleaf-clad Charter Oak Toro is one of the best-tasting examples out there for well under $10. Blended with Nicaraguan core tobaccos grown on A.J. Fernandez’s farms, the cold draw serves-up enticing pre-light flavors of nuts and cocoa. Once lit, the tobaccos issue a harmonious, medium-bodied mix of nuts, leather, and cocoa that segue to notes of espresso and dark chocolate in the latter stages. A delectably rich, satisfying smoke that defies its modest sticker price.

Crowned Heads Luminosa Toro

The Crowned Heads Luminosa Toro has Ernesto Perez-Carrillo’s autograph on it, and at a little less than eight bucks a cigar, this blend checks all the high mark boxes. The core tobaccos are not revealed, but the cigar is well-built, and the Connecticut-seed wrapper is gorgeous. A citrusy tang opens the medium-bodied show along with cedar, roasted nuts, earth, and sweet spice. Later, the roasted nuts and sweet spice become more evident as coffee notes are revealed and some tanginess fades. Retrohaling offers a healthy dose of pepper, yet it’s not a peppery cigar. For the price, this Toro is a real catch.

Leaf By Oscar Corojo Toro

Looking at the Leaf by Oscar cigars for the first time may be confusing since, instead of cello, they’re wrapped in husky-looking tobacco leaves. Remove the leaf and you’ll discover a beautifully handcrafted cigar that imparts a considerable degree of elegance. The chewy smoke draws easily with a medium body and lots of creaminess on the palate. Earth, nuts, and some woodiness contribute to the flavor profile, but sweet spice is the primary component. It’s not surprising that Leaf by Oscar has received so many high-tasting scores and a well-deserved acceptance among avid cigar smokers. Overall, a very consistent cigar that’s also worthy of its price point.

Don Pepin Garcia Blue Original Generosos

In this business, consistency is everything. So when it comes to the leading Nicaraguan handmade cigars, the original Don Pepin Garcia Blue blend continues to impress. Built on an all-Nicaraguan leaf blend of Corojo and Criollo tobaccos, the smoke is earthy and peppery out of the gate, then swiftly rounds-out to dense, creamy notes of cedar, coffee bean, dark chocolate, and sweet spice on a long finish. Working into the midsection, a citrusy tang enters the mix, but never fully breaks through the layer of dark chocolate and sweet spice. Earth and pepper are reprised in the final inches for a hearty, complex puro that can be summed-up in one word: “Classic.”