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2022 CA REPORT: Top 10 Best Wedding Cigars

The 10 Best Cigars to Enjoy on your Wedding Day!

Updated May 2022

2022 CA Report: 10 Top Wedding Cigars

It’s an unwritten rule. So much so it’s practically sacrosanct. A cigar guy is going to have a premium handmade cigar on his wedding day. He may even have some with his groomsmen and immediate family. And if the budget (and venue) allows, there are going to be cigars at the reception for guests to enjoy.

While the decision to enjoy cigars on your wedding day is a given, choosing the right cigars for such a significant occasion requires a little more planning and preparation. To make things easier, I’ve come up with a basic gameplan to help you find the perfect wedding day cigars for the groom, groomsmen, VIPs, and guests.

Finding the Right Wedding Day Cigars

If you’re serving cigars on your wedding day, you need the right space to enjoy them. You don’t want anyone—especially older guests and the wedding party—to be uncomfortable. Here’s a quick checklist to make sure you’re set up for success.

Now, onto the fun stuff—the cigars. Here is where prior planning pays off as we take a look at quantity, price range, strength, and size.

The last thing you want is to run out of premium cigars on your wedding day. Plan to have enough to share freely, even with guests who’ve never smoked before. Know your audience, but it’s a safe bet to plan for at least 20-30 cigars for every 50 guests. Boxes and bundles are your friends here.

If you go the bundle route, I’d recommend removing the bands and picking up a couple empty cigar boxes from your local cigar shop (or some cigar smoking buddies) or setting out a humidor to display them.

Planning a wedding takes months or years, so cutting corners on good wedding smokes is simply a sin. You don’t need to spend like a Saudi prince either—there’s nothing wrong with spending less on good cigars. If you know your guests’ preferences, that can serve as a guideline in helping you pick out your premiums.

Strength can be a tricky proposition– you and your groomsmen may all be smoking friends, but what about your guests? Not so much. The bulk of your cigars will cater to the curious and inexperienced guests, so make sure the bulk of your order is in the mellow to medium range.

Now that the general guest list is taken care of, you need to find a few premium singles for yourself, a 5-pack or so for the groomsmen or, if there’s demand, a full box for the BOTL’s on the guest list. It’s good form to always remain conscious of your guests, because you’re not just the groom, you’re the host.

When choosing the size of cigar for you and your guests, it pays to think strategically. What I mean specifically is taking smoking time into consideration. You’ll want to choose cigars that take about an hour or less to enjoy so you and your guests aren’t spending all evening in cigar exile. Not to mention it’s a little heartbreaking to end up with ashtrays filled with barely smoked premium cigars. That means no Churchills, Toros, or beefy sixty ring gauge cigars. A safe bet is to stick with Robustos or smaller cigars like the Petit Corona and Corona.

Now that we have some basic guidelines, it’s time to take a closer look at some of the most popular wedding cigars that will take your special day from low-key to legendary.

The Best Cigars for Guests:

On the steeper end of the price scale, Ashton Classic is a distinguished premium cigar brand that will have cigar enthusiast guests drooling. Keeping in line with the mellow body that’ll appeal to novices and cigar smokers of any experience level, this cigar is filled with specially aged Dominican leaves and a US Connecticut wrapper that delivers a rich and balanced smoke. Made by Arturo Fuente, the Classic provides a creamy, woody finish and the 5 x 50 Magnum is the high-end choice. (Box count: 25 cigars)

Champagne is a common drink for a special day. It goes without saying, then, the Perdomo Champagne deserves to be included in the celebration. Another humidor staple, this classic cigar is beloved by newbies and aficionados alike and is a top choice for a mellow-bodied cigar. A 25-count box means you’ll have an ample amount to share when it comes time for Champagne toasts. (Box count: 25 cigars)

Arturo Fuente Flor Fina 8-5-8

While Fuente is known for their ultra-premium cigars like the Don Carlos and Opus X, the Flor Fina 8-5-8 is easily the most accessible cigar in their portfolio –and every bit as enjoyable. With a delicately spicy and creamy Cameroon wrapper over select Dominican fillers and binder, this cigar is one of the most consistently delicious and well-made premium handmades you’ll find. Packed full of lightly sweet cedar, spice, and nutty notes, the 6 x 47 size provides an ample burn time and pairs like a champ with whiskey or wine. (Box count: 25 cigars)

The fact that these non-descript premium cigars are crafted by E.P. Carrillo should be enough to convince you to take the leap. Their affordable price tag is icing on your wedding cake. No doubt, guests will be raving about the no-name mellow Connecticut wrapped beauties you’ve provided. Some will know right away that the Tabacalera La Alianza Factory Selects were crafted by a cigar master. Expect a perfectly made, smooth, and creamy smoke that will leave your guests captivated. (Bundle count: 15 cigars)

These Rocky Patel made Factory Selects Edge Maduro cigars are an ideal selection for those guests looking for a medium-plus bodied handmade with a little extra. Containing the same premium tobaccos as the highly rated and best-selling Rocky Patel Edge Maduro, these cigars were rejected for minor cosmetic flaws but were too good to toss out. Delivering flavors of dark chocolate, spice, leather, and cream—this under the radar Rocky Patel blend is sure to be a crowd pleaser. (Bundle count: 15 cigars)

The Best Cigars for Groomsmen and Special Guests

If you’re looking for a top-shelf cigar to share with your buds, Davidoff Signature is one cigar that won’t be forgotten. Made with a perfect recipe of premium Dominican tobaccos in a flawless Connecticut wrapper, you’ll want to keep these smokes close at hand. Pricey, but worth every penny, expect notes of cedar, spice, honeyed sweetness, and that signature Davidoff aroma. I’d recommend getting a few singles or a 5-pack for your groomsmen. If you want to spring for more, expect a hefty tab with serving up the whole box. (Box count: 25 cigars)

Based on a defunct Cuban-brand, Villiger released La Flor de Ynclan as a labor of love. Ranking #10 in Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 Cigars of 2017, this medium-bodied ultra-premium was artfully blended with Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers, a hearty Indonesian binder, and a spicy Ecuadorian Colorado wrapper. This Villiger is a complex and elegant smoke – with nuances of white pepper, earth, oak, cedar, and dried fruits to pair perfectly with everything from beer to Scotch. (Box count: 25 cigars)

Romeo y Julieta Eternal—a cigar symbolizing eternal love between cigar smokers and the brand—is a cigar that is made to be enjoyed on a wedding day. Using the crème de la crème, ‘private reserve’ tobaccos from the Plasencia family and blended by cigar maestro Rafael Nodal, Eternal delivers an incomparably rich and smooth flavor medium-bodied profile that will enchant and entertain. (Box count: 11 cigars)

Best Cigars for the Groom

The virtually flawless Plasencia Alma Fuerte is universally acclaimed—even reaching #9 on a certain cigar magazine’s 2017 Cigar of the Year list. Dressed in a Habano maduro wrapper over a core of super premium Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos, Alma Fuerte is medium plus in body and provides a peppery and sweet flavor profile that’ll have you begging for more. (Box count: 10 cigars)

The ultimate celebration cigar, Padron packs all the Nicaraguan premium tobacco goodness you could ask for in this sumptuous smoke. Family Reserve is arguably Padron’s best, putting it right up there as one of the finest premium handmade cigars in the world. Aside from rabid adoration from fans and critics, this cigar is—to put in plain terms—simply amazing. Expertly hand crafted, this Nicaraguan puro exudes delectable notes of cream, earth, coffee, and cedar in perfect balance. While a generous cigar to share, make sure you hang on to a couple for yourself as well. (Box count: 10 cigars)

Hopefully these tips and recommendations will help you to have a wedding day you won’t soon forget. Got a good wedding smoke I didn’t mention? Post it in the comments below – and pay it forward to all the grooms you know!