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CA Report: Smoke Break – 10 Best Small Cigars

Ten Small Cigars to Try When You’re Short on Time

Updated December 2021

What do you do when you want a cigar but don’t have the time?

For me, the required time is the 60-90 minutes spent enjoying my usual Robustos or Toros. It’s time spent in relaxation and thought—and not necessarily deep thoughts. Take for example, during a recent session with a La Gloria Cubana Medio Tiempo Toro, I was pondering whether a corn dog is a calzone. And the answer is yes, by the way.

But back to my original question. What if you want a cigar and it’s too cold to devote the time it takes to enjoy a Toro or Robusto? Or it’s too hot and humid? Or your schedule is packed, and you want a full experience. You’re looking for ample flavor and satisfaction—but aren’t necessarily interested in finding them in a tiny cigarillo.

cigar advisor top 10 best small cigars setup of cigarillos in a box
You don’t have to burn cigarillos to get a quick smoke.

Why smaller cigars are sometimes better:

The answer lies in oft overlooked sizes—the Petit or Petite Corona, and its slightly bigger brother the Corona.

We’ve selected some premium small cigars in those vitolas, loaded with rich flavors, averaging about 40 minutes smoking time. Or half the time it takes to enjoy a Toro. We established basic standards to narrow down the choices. Benchmarks for the best small cigars list here were as follows: cigars 5 ½” and under and with a ring gauge of 46” or less. The other factor we considered was cost, trying to limit per cigar cost to $10.00 with many falling far below. We only selected two cigars that exceeded $10/cigar ceiling—because sometimes you only have 40 minutes to celebrate a special occasion (like New Year’s Eve in colder parts of the country). And finally, we only considered premium handmade, long-filler blends.

Unfortunately, that meant leaving out some truly excellent small cigars. But we’ve got you covered, though, and if you give some of these best small cigars a try, we’re sure you’ll consider the time spent exploring these blends as a worthy investment.

Fonseca by My Father Petit Corona

Not the Fonseca of old. With the brand now in the capable hands of Jose and Jaime Garcia, and My Father Cigars—it’s time to give Fonseca by My Father a second look. This small in stature Nicaraguan puro comes dressed in a Corojo wrapper and finished with lush, long filler tobaccos, is medium-bodied and “rich with flavors of earth and spice.” Great for cigar smokers both old and new—give Fonseca by My Father Petit Corona a go when you’re looking to enjoy a spicy and well-balanced blend.

Perdomo Limited Cameroon Edition Petit Corona

While Perdomo is a favorite brand among cigar enthusiasts, many dismiss his smaller format blends. And that’s a big mistake. For example, take this Perdomo Limited Cameroon. Featuring a rare Grade 1 African Cameroon wrapper leaf, this limited-edition blend is completed with double fermented Cuban seed Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos. Nuanced sweetness from the wrapper mingles with flavors of coffee, leather, and caramel delivering a rich, medium-bodied experience. Don’t miss out on this outstanding little cigar.

Drew Estate MUWAT Bait Fish

There’s so much to love about the legendary Bait Fish—but it does beg some questions. Like how do they package so much flavor in so small a package? Or how does this little cigar cost only $5.50? With a decidedly dark and oily San Andres Maduro wrapper over an Ecuadorian binder and long fillers from Brazil and Nicaragua, Bait Fish gives off accents of dark chocolate, peppermint, and vanilla flavors. Take this budget-friendly, full-bodied small cigar for a spin and you’ll be coming back for more.

Asylum Premium Petite Corona

You may know Asylum Cigars by their behemoth 8×80 monsters, but Tom Lazuka and Christian Eiroa are equally up to the task when it comes to crafting small cigars residing at the other end of the size range. A case in point is the Asylum Premium Petite Corona. This enjoyable full-bodied Nicaraguan puro is dressed in a Habano wrapper and gives plenty of earth and leather notes. This delicious small cigar is a no-brainer for full-bodied fans.

Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 Juniors

Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 cigars have been best-sellers since they first landed online and on store shelves. These handmade premiums feature a tasty Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper over an exquisite blend of 10-yr-aged Dominican & Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos. These medium-bodied little cigars are creamy and smooth with heaps of rich and dark flavors. When time isn’t on your side, don’t overlook the small vitola Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 Juniors.

Illusione MK Ultra

Drawing inspiration from the top-secret government program, Illusione MK Ultra is a Nicaraguan puro sporting a first generation Corojo wrapper. MK Ultra packs a medium-to-full bodied punch and delights with notes of dark chocolate and honey, almonds, espresso, earth, and spice. The abundant flavors play off each other while remaining balanced, leaving you wanting even more. Illusione MK Ultra is a must-try boutique small cigar.

Ashton Virgin Sun Grown Tres Mystique

Ashton Virgin Sun Grown are crafted to the highest standards by Carlos “Carlito” Fuente of Arturo Fuente cigars. Cloaked in an Ecuadoran wrapper leaf, this full-bodied blend draws additional strength from the ligero in the filler tobaccos. Delivering flavors of chocolate, nuts, earth, fruit, and cedar, the Ashton VSG Tres Mystique is a quick smoke that’s a feast for the senses. Worthy of elevating any occasion to any special occasion—try this small cigar today!

Oliva Serie V No. 4

Sometimes referred to as the ligero special—the Oliva Serie V is a standard bearer in full-bodied, full strength, Nicaraguan cigars. The No. 4 is a little firecracker of a cigar that includes flavor accents of spice, earth, pepper, nuts, strong coffee, and some underlying salty notes. Although full-bodied, this small cigar won’t overpower you and remains creamy and smooth down to the nub. When you want big flavor in a small package, you can’t miss with this little cigar.

Davidoff Nicaragua Short Corona

The tale of the tape reveals the Davidoff Nicaragua to be 3 ¾” by 46—and it’s definitely one of the shorter premium handmade cigars available. Draped in a 10-year-old Nicaraguan Habano Rosado hugging a blend of premium Nicaraguan long-fillers, this cigar set a milestone for Davidoff. Although crafted in the Dominican Republic, this blend is the first Davidoff to use only Nicaraguan tobaccos. The blend displays the artistry Davidoff is known for and entertains with flavors of roasted coffee, dark, bitter chocolate, and white pepper. Don’t miss celebrating your next landmark occasion with this Short Corona.

Arturo Fuente Don Carlos No. 4

Many consider the Don Carlos to be Arturo Fuente’s best cigar. And that includes the legendary Fuente Fuente Opus X. Carlos Fuente Sr. is said to have specially hand-selected the premium tobaccos to be used in the cigar bearing his name—including the rare Cameroon wrapper. This elegant blend offers the utmost quality in construction, flavor, and consistency. You’ll be entranced with notes of nuts, cedar, earth, sweet cream, and subtle hints of black pepper. Try the small cigar that’s considered equal to or better than some of the best blends on the planet.

Did any of your favorite small cigars make the cut? Let us know your picks for best small vitola blends in the comments below!