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Cigar Advisor’s 2023 Ultimate Holiday Cigar Gift Buying Guide

See our top picks for the best holiday cigar gifts of 2023!

Say it with love. Say it with…cigars.

Whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year, there’s one thing that beckons the spirit of the season like no other: the gift of cigars. You’re not just handing someone a present to unwrap; you’re giving a gift of celebration and relaxation.

If you’ve got a case of buyer’s block, the Cigar Advisors are here to clear your head with our biggest-ever Holiday Cigar Gift Guide – loaded with enough presents to give St. Nick a jolly old hernia!

Whether you have a beginning cigar smoker or an old pro smoking nothing but strong cigars on your list, or you just want best Secret Santa bragging rights this year—the Cigar Advisors have a packed bag of goodies…something for everyone!

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Our best gift ideas for cigar smokers

Admittedly, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the wealth of choices out there. And if you’re stuck on what to buy the cigar lover on your gift list, let us get you unstuck with a variety of cigar samplers, gift sets, humidors and accessories that will make this season merry, bright and smoky.

Look – he went to Famous!

While you could peek into your pal’s humidor and buy him another box of the same stick…why not make it interesting this year?

To make cigar shopping easy, we’re breaking our Guide up into five categories: Gift Sets & Samplers, Lighters, Cutters, Humidors, and Stocking Stuffers. Our holiday picks range from the everyday to the exotic; and while each gift looks like you’ve spared no expense, we’ve tried to keep the prices as wallet-friendly as possible.

There are plenty more great gift ideas beyond the 40 we’ve listed below – see them all now at Famous Smoke Shop!


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Three’s a charm in this mouthwatering Trilogy sampler from E.P. Carrillo Cigars that includes a trio of “Cigar of The Year” cigars: Pledge Prequel (2019), Encore Majestic (2018), and La Historia E-III (2014). A perfectly-blended choice for the full-bodied cigar smoker at a remarkably low price, too.

If you’re looking for a really innovative gift idea, flat is where it’s at these days. Featuring a wider and more powerful flat flame for bigger cigars, the rechargeable Vector ICON IV Flat Flame lights like magic via its touch-sensitive screen and is priced below many similar flat flame torch lighters.

Housed in a stylish and durable metal chassis, the compact Vertigo Saber lighter boasts twin high-powered jet flames that will light cigars at an altitude of up to 12,000 ft., and the “Saber” part is the scalpel-sharp, fold-out V-cutter all in one affordably convenient design!

You don’t have to captain an ocean liner to appreciate this handsome Porthole humidor that comes with everything you need to keep up to 50 cigars factory fresh. Built with rich-looking Bubinga wood, the humidor is fitted with a brass and glass porthole and a front-mounted hygrometer, while inside are Spanish cedar walls and a humidifier.

If there was ever a luxury-class cigar cutter that says WOW!, this round, state-of-the-art cigar cutter from Elie Bleu is the hood ornament of the line and effortlessly cuts cigars up to a 64 ring. Built to last, the scissors-style cutter features a steel body, stainless steel plating, Japanese tempered surgical steel blades, and a 2-year warranty.

This virtually indestructible carbon fiber lighter & cutter set from Colibri is something even Santa would like to find inside his stocking. Available in many colors, the set includes a Colibri EVO lighter featuring a powerful angled jet flame, oversized fuel wheel, and a 50% larger than average fuel tank. The Colibri S-Cut cigar cutter fits securely in your hand and is designed for sheer clean cuts on cigars up to a 66 ring.

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Smoking a holiday cigar is a time-honored tradition. A special occasion calls for a special cigar, after all; and even the most devoted smoker enjoys a change of pace from the usual daily go-to burn. If your aficionado has finally landed on the “Nice” list this year, dig into these cigar gift sets and samplers from the world’s leading cigar makers…offered in a diverse mix of sizes, shapes, blends and price points, they’re more than worth a splurge.

Still browsing? Find over 300 more samplers on our site at low Famous Holiday prices.

Here’s a gift that’ll give your favorite cigar smoker comfort and joy right up to Christmas Day, and then some. Oliva’s 2023 Cigar Sampler Advent Calendar comes with 25 regular production gems including four rarities not ordinarily sold by Oliva. As the ultimate gift for the devoted Oliva fan, it’s also ideal for the cigar smoker who appreciates fine premiums—period.

Short of a plane ticket to Rio de Janeiro, here’s one way to enjoy “the heart and soul of the exotic, flavorful country of Brazil.” AJ Fernandez blended this full-bodied sequel by using a flavorful Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper over a Nicaraguan-Brazilian binder & filler core. Presented in a colorful triangle-shaped gift box, you get a matching lighter and five Trinidad Espiritu No.2 Toros, each sizzling with notes of leather, nuts, cocoa, oak, espresso and more.

For the cigar smoker who loves their cigars a little more, let’s say… voluptuous, this Taste of the World Chunk Sampler is spot-on. It comes with four pair of Alec Bradley’s tastiest bestsellers all rolled to comely 4½”x60 Gorditos. Expertly handcrafted and ready to satisfy up to one hour, this is one gift idea that will not go unappreciated.

Made by the fabled hands of the Arturo Fuente family, Ashton Virgin Sun Grown boast some of the most sought-after Dominican and Ecuadorian tobaccos for a richer, fuller flavor that experienced smokers (including us!) love. This sampler lets you enjoy five of VSG’s most popular sizes and comes in a handsome presentation box that’s made to be wrapped.

When it comes to brands that are synonymous with imported premium cigars, Arturo Fuente stands head and shoulders above the fray. Just about no one can touch them in experience, quality, and the promise of perfectly balanced flavor in every draw. Here you have 12 of Fuente’s six bestselling blends including the sumptuous Hemingway Signature—that’s a Fuente for every day of Christmas. You just can’t miss with this gift set.

Kristoff Cigars founder, Glen Case was really on to something when he debuted his “boutique” style cigars in 2004. He’s a perfectionist with a phenomenal palate, which is why these cigars have amassed an almost cultish following. Only the highest quality double and triple-fermented tobaccos are used, earning Kristoff a number of the industry’s highest rating scores. This eight-cigar collection includes the best of the best, making it a must for lovers of complex, full-flavored blends.

Don’t have room for a month’s worth of Oliva in your cigar collection? No problem! Check out the Oliva Serie V sampler – a 5-cigar entrée that samples Oliva’s most popular cigar blend in a variety of sizes. With an all-Nicaraguan recipe of tobaccos – including V’s Sun Grown Habano wrapper, the blend is a full-bodied masterpiece that smokes smooth with notes of coffee, cocoa, and zesty spices. It’s the perfect holiday gift for any Oliva fan.

A top-shelf collection of luxury cigars worthy of life’s biggest moments. Featuring cigars from the top rated and fan favorite Alma Series, along with a Consecha 146 San Agustin, and Reserva, this sampler contains the best of the best in tobaccos and artistry from the legendary Plasencia family. Each cigar is perfectly constructed and delivers the ultimate in premium medium to full bodied flavors. This sampler is sure to please even the pickiest enthusiast.

Some old favorites get a remix. When AJ Fernandez took the wheel behind some legendary cigar brands, the results were nothing less than spectacular. The Taste of Nicaragua Assortment offers AJ’s fresh takes on H. Upmann, Romeo y Julieta, Montecristo, and others and offers a new dimension while delivering the full range of flavors Nicaraguan tobaccos deliver. This 6-cigar spread is the perfect gift for fans of AJ Fernandez or Nicaraguan cigars.

Everyone says, “LFD makes strong cigars,” but this Robusto sampler will show you just how nuanced they can be. There are 5 Robustos ranging from fan favorites like the powerful Ligero Cabinet, to the Suave that smokes mellow and smooth, to under-the-radar gems like the refined Gomez Diez Cubano – all at a value price.

Quick quiz: where can you find 5 My Father cigars and a trusty torch lighter for less than $90 (at print time)? You guessed it. Our friends at Famous. Affordable, yes, but with a pedigree like the legendary Garcia family, it’s more like affordable luxury. These are spicy Cuban analogs at their finest. Why not taste them and see?

Beautifully displayed in a presentation box, the My Father 5-Cigar Sampler offers an array of sizes to help you discovered your favorite! Experience the nutty spices, notes of coffee and cocoa, and feisty pepper that wash over your palate from the blend’s Ecuador Habano Rosado wrapper and a core of Nicaraguan tobaccos. This is Don Pepin Garcia at his finest!

Are you a connoisseur of vintage cigars? Don’t spend thousands trawling internet forums looking for defunct brands…Rocky’s got tobaccos with a decade and beyond of aging laced into many of the blends you see right here. Whether you want mellow, bold, or outright full-throttled flavor, this sampler is the time machine you’ve been looking for.

Big-ring? Check. Variety? Check. Affordable? Double check. Leaf by Oscar has earned its wings as an up-and-comer in the boutique market and this 4-cigar preview will introduce you to all their favorites like…the sweet and creamy Connecticut, the dark, bold flavors of the Maduro, and more. This is how you please your palate without denting your wallet.

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The #1 thing cigar lovers spend their money on is…more cigars. So why not take this opportunity to treat them to the gear they won’t treat themselves? If the cigar smoker on your list is like us, he or she already has an assortment of cheapies to light their cigars – and another ordinary, run-of-the-mill lighter just won’t do. A step up to pro-grade hardware will be a welcome addition to their cigar setup, and these top cigar lighter picks will get you started…

Still looking for that “it” lighter? Find over 700 more cigar lighters on our site at low Famous Holiday prices.

This Vertigo Eloquence cigar lighter comes with both star power and firepower. Branded with the Famous logo, the Eloquence’s single action ignition blasts four powerful jets, perfect for toasting and lighting those big ring cigars. It even works at an elevation of 10,000 feet. To sweeten the pie, a sharp punch cutter folds out at the base and the price is nice, too.

This leather-bound table lighter from Jet Line is the perfect gift for anyone with a mancave. There are three eye-catching color choices and its four red-hot torches and huge fuel tank will keep you and your friends puffing all night long.

Want that Colibri pedigree and quality for less? You’ve got it. Firebird Hookah lighters sport an oversized torch and tank, Colibri’s quantum ignition system, and a slick design – all at a handsome price.

The best of both worlds between a pocket and table lighter, Dominator’s a high-capacity, quad-flame work horse. And with three color choices and built-in punch and cigar scissor, they’re the proverbial Swiss Army knife of accessories. Perfect for that new smoker on your list.

The gift that keeps on lighting. It has a fuel tank fit for a 747, four powerful jets, and a base serving as a flame adjuster. Bring the Volta Quad to the herf, and you’re guaranteed to turn heads.

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There’s nothing better than a Secret Santa that “gets it.” And by that, we mean giving a cigar gift that’s all about quality, instead of quantity. These cigar cutters deliver that, in addition to being inspiring conversation pieces. Upgrade their cigar cutter and get your giftee ready to smoke good cigars with good friends…because that’s what the holiday season is about. It’s about time your pal ditches that freebie cutter from the last cigar store event, anyway.

Want more cigar cutter options? Find over 200 more on our site at low Famous Holiday prices.

How about giving that special cigar smoker this circular, all-metal, and highly versatile cigar cutter from Lotus. Tattooed with the logo of the nation’s favorite cigar store, wicked sharp tobacco-eating blades cut cigars cleanly up to a 64 ring. Plus, the cutter’s back cover both controls the cut depth and catches the cap. A unique gift for the avid cigar smoker that also comes at a reasonable price.

Like the dashboard of Rolls Royce, the Lotus Meteor’s wood and gold finish screams of style, but it doesn’t just have looks. These double guillotine cigar cutters are sharp enough to perform surgery, are built to last, and come with a lifetime warranty. They’re easy to use, and reasonably priced to boot. Great as a stocking stuffer for your favorite premium smoker. Cuts up to 64 ring cigars.

The Xikar Xi3 Phantom Carbon Fiber Cutter just looks cool. And that’s before you get to the rugged durability, razor sharp blades, and handles made from the premium carbon fiber usually found in exotic supercars (according to the manufacturer). This lightweight and attractive cutter is the perfect gift for the enthusiast who appreciates the finer things.

Vertigo Big Daddy Cutter

The hardest part about smoking 80 RG cigars? Cutting 80 RG cigars. Rather than look up new tricks to cut those big ring smokes, slip the Vertigo Big Daddy cutter in your cigar lover’s stocking so he can cut those 80 ringers with ease. And ho-ho-HOLY $#@% it’s only 4 bucks. That’s cheaper than a pack of beef jerky – and it’ll last longer, too.

A Quasar Table cutter gives you a perfect straight or V-cut, no matter your preference. Add to that a striking design and durability, and it’s easy to see why this gift complements any smoking room.

The Xikar Xi2 American Flag cutter is as ‘Murica as it gets. Twin stainless-steel blades and high-tech composite housing will give a precision cut to any 58-ring cigar or smaller. If you’ve got the ultimate patriot smoker on your list, the buck stops here.

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For someone who’s getting serious about their smokes, getting your first real humidor is a rite of cigar smoking passage. That moment when you open the lid and get the first, fresh whiff of aromatic Spanish cedar…it’s right up there with “new car smell.” Each of the highly-rated humidors we’ve selected will hold a reasonable hoard of cigars (though it’s always a good idea to size up and buy a little bigger than you think is needed) – and all of the options below are well-built, fully accessorized, and reasonably priced. Give your pal’s cigars the permanent home they deserve…

Want more humidor choices? Find 100 more selections on our site at low Famous Holiday prices.

There are humidors and there are humidors. If giving or receiving one this year is on your mind, say hello to this handsome and completely accessorized Messinia. It’s got a dark oak finish, attractive maple accents, holds up to 75 cigars, and seals great to keep your cigars factory fresh. A hard to beat gift that’ll pay for itself over time.

Talk about the perfect cigar bivouac for the cigar-smoking veteran. These 100-count humidors (see the Airforce livery is shown, see the Army version here) feature striking graphics on the outside. Inside are Spanish cedar-lined walls, a top tray, and a complete humidification system for keeping your cigars in top-gun condition.

For the ultimate cigar enthusiast, here’s something that’s really extraordinary. Inspired by Colibri’s Quasar series, this solidly-built Spanish cedar-lined Heritage humidor boasts an eye-catching exterior and holds up to 125 cigars. A digital hygrometer, adjustable, magnetic humidification system, plus two dividers and a two-year warranty are also included.

Pop the cork and light-up with this Sonoma Gift Set from Craftsman’s Bench. The 65-count humidor boasts a handsome walnut exterior, Spanish cedar lining, and includes a complete humidification system. You also get a pair of trusty cigar scissors and a wine tool. Cheers!

A great gift for the new or seasoned cigar smoker in need of storage at a fair price. This solidly-built Saxon humidor features an attractive Sapelli wood veneer and holds up to 65 cigars. It also includes a humidifier and hygrometer for keeping tabs on your stash.

Big enough to hold an army’s worth of cigars, the Foot Locker is a giant among humidors. Built to last, it includes twin top trays, Spanish cedar walls, a humidification system, and plenty of room for boxes. When it comes to crucial cigar storage, this box has it all!

cigar advisor best holiday cigar gift guide - stocking stuffers section


Got a cigar lover that’s hard to shop for? Maybe you’re looking for a cheap gift for the smoker who has everything…it’s all good: we’ve pored over the entire Famous Smoke Shop inventory to provide you with a range of very stocking-stuffable (and exceedingly affordable) picks. Anyone who loves a fine cigar will enjoy these sock-sized treats; you’ll love that the low prices will help keep your Christmas budget in the black. So slip one of these stuffers in the stocking for a Merry Christmas morning.

The cardinal rule of golf – never set your cigar in the grass (let’s just say, it doesn’t grow that green naturally). We abide with a cigar tool that hits the golfer’s sweet spot: DivPro tees up your cigar out of harm’s way, so the only thing you need to mind during your next four-hour date with a Titleist is your swing.

Re-Fresh spray is a perennial Cigar Advisor favorite. The natural citrus oils are just as quick to knock down the cigar lounge stink on your clothes as they are to get rid of the aroma of Christmas dinner gone wrong (who forgets a whole lasagna in the oven?). Available in multiple fragrant options, as well as this not-at-all-fragrant Zero (no-scent).

Heat Misers, rejoice: there’s plenty of flame to go around. This Zeus table torch lighter complements the Big Boy double guillotine, with cutting power to handle cigars up to 64RG. This is just one of the many Vertigo cutter-lighter combo gift sets you’ll find at Famous – explore them all, and score two tremendously valuable tools at Secret Santa-friendly prices.

Don’t have time for a big cigar? Try these. Blended with choice Dominican fillers rolled in savory Cameroon wrappers, Arturo Fuente Cubanitos capture all that classic Arturo Fuente flavor in a short, yet equally delicious smoke. Wider than many other little cigars, the 32-ring also offers a more natural feel in the hand.

Can’t decide what to get that special cigar smoker? Give the gift no self-respecting cigar smoker can refuse—a Famous Smoke Shop gift certificate. With one or more of these, they can choose whatever their cigar-lovin’ heart desires, and you look like a hero (Note, $25 amount is show, but they can be made out in any denomination).

So…there it is: a Santa’s sackful of the best holiday cigar gifts to delight the smoker on your gift list, no matter what their level of experience – and all bear the Cigar Advisor stamp of approval. Of course, we’re pretty sure you’ve seen a few things you’d like to call your own – to which we say, don’t hesitate to drop your Secret Santa a hard hint and send that person our way.

The Cigar Advisors wish you the happiest of holidays as you enjoy your new cigar gifts – and look forward to staying smoky together in the New Year!