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2016 CA Report: 7 Most Unique Cigar Cutters

The Top 7 Most Unique Cigar Cutters

By Jonathan Detore

I ran into a problem recently. Winter came, and I wrote an article about winterizing your humidor for the eventual drop in humidity winter always brings with it, in order to keep cigars in tip-top shape. I took my own advice and recharged my humidifier, checked the seal on the edges, and even bought myself a few Boveda packs as a backup just in case the humidity dropped despite my preventative measures. But even with my prep work, every cigar I cut resulted in a broken cap. Each unsuccessful snip, was wreaking havoc on my mentality as I watched the dollar signs roll through my head like a slot machine as each cigar crumbled in my hands as a result of what I thought were fragile dried out cigars.

Then it hit me: my cutter is pretty old, and hell, it was only 5 bucks! Could my cheap-o cutter have dulled on me? That’s when fellow Cigar Advisor Tommy “Zman” Zarzecki sauntered into the office with a brand new cutter in hand. He let me try it out on a cigar from my stash, and with a quick snip, the top of the cap fell into my ashtray, leaving the rest of my Undercrown Shade unscathed. Oh Tommy, you loudmouthed bastard, you’ve finally put my mind at ease. For helping me solve my problem, I promise I’ll choke down a few aspirin and watch your ramblings on Periscope!

If you’ve learned anything from my story of pain and anguish, it’s that having the right accessories truly increases the overall quality of your smoke. From lighters that give you an even light, to cigar cutters that give you a sharp and even cut, it’s always vital to have the right high-quality equipment to avoid any unnecessary future catastrophe or confusion to the level I experienced. And no, high-quality doesn’t always mean high-priced. Of course it may be nice to have a high-priced cutter to call your own, but it’s not necessary to lay down over $100 when you can find amazing quality cigar cutters for a fraction of the price, complete with incredible designs that will have your friends asking where you got it. And to help you with your search, I sifted through every cutter we have for sale that combine high-quality and awesome design to create a very affordable list of the 7 most unique cigar cutters. Don’t be a fool like me and, as Bill Nye always says, consider the following:

Quad Stainless Table Cutter

Nothing is more relaxing than sitting back with a stogie in a place you find familiar, making your garage, backyard, or even your living room the perfect place to light up. To help you add to your comfort, let me introduce to you the Quad Stainless Table Cutter. Equipped with 4 blades, two v-cuts and 2 straight cuts, this popular cutter is the epitome of low-maintenance. With an easy-cut handle, a large tank to hold your tobacco scraps until you’re ready to empty it, and the ability to cut up to 60 ring gauge cigars, this stainless steel table top cutter is perfect for any man cave!

Xikar 744 Cigar Knife

The Xikar 744 Cigar Knife makes me wonder if Kurt Van Keppel was in the Boy Scouts, because this bad boy had the phrase “Be Prepared” in mind. This sleek knife is perfect to use while camping or in any situation that requires a precise sharp cut. But the best part about it is the easy straight cut it hands to the cigar of your choice. Just stick the cigar in the slot until it hits the convenient money clip, and glide the stainless steel knife back into the casing for a razor straight cut every time. What’s even more appealing is the ability to sharpen the blade with ease any time you find the blade to get dull! This three-in-one tool is a must-have for anyone on the go.

Lotus Fury Cutter Chrome

Lotus is one of the best brands in the world today when it comes to cigar accessories, and the Fury is yet another feather in their peacock of a hat. This was made with big ring cigars in mind, yet for such an accommodating size, this cutter is extremely sleek and slim. Most cutters on the market now only cut up to around a 56-58 ring gauge, but the Lotus Fury is known to give the perfect cut to any cigar up to a whopping 76 ring gauge. So if you like ‘em chunky, this is what you need to have.

Credit Card Cutter

I like slim cigar cutters, and it doesn’t get much slimmer than the Credit Card cutter. Only a few bucks will allow you to call this piece of engineering mastery yours. Each of these marvels features an ultra-sharp guillotine blade to easily slice through any cigar up to a ring gauge of 52, and fits easily into the credit card slot in your wallet so you’re never caught unprepared. Just don’t accidentally take it with you to the airport. Those TSA agents sure do love giving pat downs nowadays.

Xikar MTX Multi-Tool Cigar Scissors

Just like the Xikar 744 Cigar Knife mentioned above, each blade on the Xikar MTX Multi-Tool Cigar Scissors is completely exposed for easy sharpening when it starts to get dull, thus prolonging its lifecycle, and comes equipped with a multitude of handy tools. With a draw poker, knife blade, flathead screwdriver, and bottle opener, you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips. Well, except the beer. Just make sure the cooler is close by, and you’re golden!

Lotus Jaws Cutter

When I was scratching my head trying to figure out why all my cigar caps were cracking, this is the cutter Tommy bought and let me use that eventually solved my problem. Again, Lotus is one of the best in the business, and this innovative design only reassured me that these guys are serious about cigars. With a unique double serrated blade design, this beautifully crafted cutter takes off caps like Great White Sharks take off arms. I’ve never had a cutter give me such a smooth cut in my entire life, and swear by this product up and down. If you want an inexpensive cutter that gets the job done, this is it.

Xikar XI3 Mammoth Ivory Cigar Cutter

Finally, by the masters of all cigar accessories, comes the Xikar XI3 Mammoth Ivory Cigar Cutter. Now sure, I said high-quality doesn’t have to mean high prices, but I couldn’t pass up on this truly one-of-a-kind accessory. The XI3 line by Xikar is perhaps the best on the market today, and the lifetime warranty on all Xikar products ensures you’re always ready to go with the sharpest blade you can get. But what really makes this baby sing for me is that fact that it’s made with genuine 10,000 year old Mammoth ivory. God only knows how they got their hands on mammoth tusks, but one thing is for sure: no two of these prehistoric cutters are alike.

Choosing a high-quality cutter is essential in making sure you don’t do irreparable damage to your cigars. With the right equipment, we can enjoy the hobby we love the most to its fullest. As I sit here puffing on a Padron 1926, and shudder at the fact that if I had continued using my low-quality cutter, I would most likely be sitting here with a rather expensive cracked cigar. Hopefully my list of high-quality cigar cutters can suit your needs and save you money in the process. Save yourself the frustration, gear up with the proper equipment, and stay smoky!