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CA Report: Top New Cigars (Feb 1, 2021)

With a previous year that feels like it’s been ripped out of the Groundhog Day script, the holiday celebrating Punxsutawney Phil – everyone’s favorite rodent meteorologist – seems to hit home. I can relate. Every day, I roll out of bed, eat the same bowl of cereal, weep deeply, and then make the long, arduous trek to the office…a staggering 15 feet from my bed. I’m shocked that I even know it’s February. Amidst this endless Xerox of days, every so often a package arrives with a cigar I’ve never tried. I light up like the Christmas tree I haven’t taken down yet (because who cares, right?) and manhandle the box open. Excitement these days is in short supply, but there’s a constant stream of new cigars coming to Famous that will help break up your monotony.

Here are three fresh finds from Cavalier of Geneve, Powstanie, and Warped to get you started this week!

Cavalier of Geneve White (+Black & Black II)

Wrapper: Proprietary Habano
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Dominican Republic, Honduras, Paraguay

The Swiss are known for watches, chocolates, and *ahem* bank accounts, but they’re not what most would consider to be top-of-mind when it comes to cigars. Cavalier of Geneve is hoping to change that with Cavalier White – a straightforward mellow blend with a lightly spicy Habano wrapper. Adding to the allure is a Connecticut-seed binder and tobaccos from the Dominican, Nicaragua, and even Paraguay. I found a creamy layer of cedar sweetness with spices, and gentle peppers on the finish. For those who like stronger smokes, you can also try Cavalier Black and Black II. See their full range here. Plus, every cigar they make has a 24-karat gold leaf diamond on it. Who said luxury couldn’t be affordable?

Powstanie Broadleaf & Habano

Wrapper: Broadleaf Maduro/Ecuador Habano
Binder: Indonesia/Indonesia
Filler: Nicaragua Jalapa & Condega/Nicaragua Condega & Jalapa

Brothers and owners of a Florida-based cigar shop, Mike and Greg Szczepankiewicz have teamed up with Esteban Disla and Skip Martin of RomaCraft Cigars on Powstanie. With two blends – one from each brother – they’ve unveiled two unique cigars. First is Mike’s contribution, Powstanie Habano – a medium-to-full-bodied treat with notes of dark chocolate, earth, wood, and peppers.

Second is Greg’s recipe, Powstanie Broadleaf, which is spicier, and a little sweeter. Also medium-to-full, this blend has creamy flavors of earth, leather, pepper, and cedar.

If you can’t decide, consider a two-fer, because these are both worth putting on pants and huffing it out to the mailbox!

Warped Flor de Valle Skyflower

Wrapper: Nicaragua Corojo
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua Corojo & Criollo

Warped Cigars’ recent addition of Flor de Valle Skyflower to their stable is nothing short of an epic experience. The floral elements to its flavor profile give authenticity to its name – harking back to the golden age of pre-embargo Cuban cigars. The profile is zesty, but it never ventures above medium plus in body – getting all of its gusto from Aganorsa’s signature Nicaraguan cocktail in the core. I found hints of sweet spice, peppers, and a warm, nutty aroma that’ll embrace you on the most stressful of days. If you’re a boutique lover, my bet is that this won’t disappoint your taste buds – it certainly impressed mine!