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10 Top Rated Connecticut Wrapper Cigars Under $10

10 Under $10: Top Customer-Rated Connecticut Shade Cigars

Connecticut Shade tobacco has been around longer than America. 136 years longer, in fact. Some sources point out that the growing began around 1640, only seven short years after a settlement had been established in Windsor, Connecticut. Not even the colonial outlawing of tobacco in 1650 was able to curtail production. 380 years is a long time. And that means they’ve had plenty of time to get it right. No wonder Connecticut’s leaves are among the world’s most prized tobaccos.

Today, most of the Connecticut wrappers we smoke are grown in Ecuador. Not only are the conditions right for nearly year-round growing, the labor there is far cheaper – and, well, money talks. Though U.S.-grown Connecticut Shade tends to be a little sweeter and mellower, Ecuador’s varietal is still an excellent analog. You’d be hard pressed to tell the difference on flavor alone.

Now comes the question: Which Connecticut wrapper cigars are best?

That’s what we’re here to answer, but we’re going to let you do the talking. And by you, I mean the thousands upon thousands of Famous customers who’ve taken their time to point out the great, the bad, and the WTF?! on just about every stick in our inventory. There’s no incentive to post a review – no reward coming anyone’s way for their trouble – but they always come in.

Every day.

Like clockwork.

You can find more Top Customer-Rated cigars – many of them also under $10 – below:

I’m sure there are companies out there that delete their unfavorable reviews. We’d rather keep it honest. Besides, some of them are popcorn worthy. Here’s a few notable examples that impressed me, made me chuckle, and one that suggests that festivalgoers are a bad thing? We’ve blacked out the cigars and reviewers’ names because the point here is just to show you what you can expect:

Top Rated Connecticut Shade wrapper cigar review image 1 Butter on toast… I’m gonna have to steal that.

Top Rated Connecticut Shade wrapper cigar review image 2 Especially if it’s a newspaper from 2020.

Top Rated Connecticut Shade wrapper cigar review image 1

I’ll go out on a limb and say this one doesn’t like hippies…

Now that you see what our reviews look like, here are the rules: To qualify, a cigar must have received an average of 4.5 stars or higher across at least 10 reviews.

…And are under $10

That’s right…every cigar here is less than $10 apiece. We’ve based this on box prices, so keep in mind that a few might creep slightly above that mark if you purchase them as singles. Boxes are a better deal anyway, especially when all these awesome Famous patrons have testified to their deliciousness.

Let’s go ahead and check out what our customers are digging in the land of Connecticut. We’ve got 10 selections from a variety of manufacturers. Enjoy!

Oliva Connecticut Reserve Robusto – 4.5 Stars Across 40 Reviews

Wrapper origin: Ecuador

If Serie V is your after-dinner smoke, Oliva Connecticut Reserve should be your breakfast. Its Nicaraguan fillers are cured and fermented smooth – proving that Nicaraguan blends can be tame. This reviewer said it best: “A balanced cigar that doesn’t have to push or shout. This one delivers. A solid citizen in my humidor.”

Romeo y Julieta House of Capulet Toro – 4.5 Stars Across 35 Reviews

Wrapper origin: Ecuador

When it comes to Famous exclusives, we know how to pick ‘em. And the reviewers agree. Romeo y Julieta’s House of Capulet bevies medium-bodied notes of cedar, wood, cream, and mild spices. It’s worth giving a go, as the reviews are gushing with phrases like “relaxing,” “remarkable,” and “amazing.”

Perdomo Champagne Epicure – 4.5 Stars Across 27 Reviews

Wrapper origin: Ecuador

“In a nutshell, this is the benchmark for taste…period.” Some high praise from this Famous customer! Champagne is one of Perdomo’s most popular cigar lines, and that’s because it speaks to a wide pool of smokers. It’s a Connecticut, yes, but some additional body from those Nicaraguan tobaccos underneath gives the flavor a push in the right direction.

Macanudo Café Court Tubos – 4.5 Stars Across 32 Reviews

Wrapper origin: U.S.

Mac Café is the springboard from which many cigar enthusiasts start their journeys. Mellow, approachable, and easy on the palate, it’s a creamy Dominican smoke that one reviewer called an “excellent beginner cigar,” Even if you graduated from cigar 101 long ago, this placid burner is always worth a revisit.

Hoyo Excalibur No. 1 – 4.5 Stars Across 41 Reviews

Wrapper origin: U.S.

Very sweet, consistent, and smooth as a marble are how I describe Hoyo Excalibur. And it’s been around forever. It’s the quintessential morning cigar that pairs perfectly with a cup of coffee, or even your favorite book in the evening. This reviewer hits all the highlights: “Wonderful flavor. Fragrant smoke. Good, clean white ash. Well constructed.” If that isn’t box worthy, I’m not sure what is!

Nub Connecticut 354 – 4.5 Stars Across 12 Reviews

Wrapper origin: Ecuador

The Nub formula is simple. Take the same amount of tobacco you’d use in a full-size cigar and stuff it into a smaller frame with a pumped-up ring gauge. The result is a cigar that starts, smokes, and finishes entirely in the ‘sweet spot.’ You’ll find notes of sweet cedar, wood, and a toasty finish (and it lasts as long as a regular cigar, too). And this reviewer gets it: “The Nub Connecticut 354 blew me away, it has plenty of complex and toasty flavors which are quite enjoyable.”

La Fontana Vintage Da Vinci – 4.5 Stars Across 13 Reviews

Wrapper origin: Honduras

La Fontana Vintage (made by the same people behind Baccarat) line is the kind of reward you can stumble upon when you take the trail less traveled. For a Connecticut, it’s got more complexity than you’d expect. There are dabs of cream, earth, wood, spices, and even some faint peppers. Don’t take my word for it. Check out what this customer said: “Didn’t expect to find such a gold mine. Smooth taste, good draw, consistent smoke, even easy to relight without that bitter bite.”

Alec Bradley Connecticut Robusto – 4.5 Stars Across 13 Reviews

Wrapper origin: Ecuador

I call Alec Bradley Connecticut a “boosted” Connecticut. It’s not exactly a full-flavored smoke, but it leans in that direction more than most. It gets that extra kick from Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers – both noted for their spicier harvests. If you want smooth, creamy, AND a little edgy, this may be your meal ticket. Here’s a comment that nails what I’ve been talking about: “Smooth flavor of a Connecticut wrapper that punches above its style.”

Camacho Connecticut Robusto – 4.5 Stars Across 10 Reviews

Wrapper origin: Ecuador

Much like this is a list created by fans, Camacho Connecticut was created for fans. They asked for a mellower Camacho and the company delivered. To summarize it, it’s full flavored with notes of nuts, wood, and sweet spices, without being full strength. One smoker commented, “This one remains enjoyable down to the last few inches, and continues to burn without any attention.” All I know is, it’s a great smoke to break the monotony when your taste buds start getting bored.

Tabak Especial Dolce Robusto – 4.5 Stars Across 55 Reviews

Wrapper origin: Ecuador

Drew Estate’s Tabak Especial is by far the most popular coffee infused cigar on the market, and the reviews keep on racking up. One of them said, “‘Burn your fingers’ good to the last draw.” I’m not big on flavored sticks, but this one’s always held a spot in my humidor. Big waves of mocha, vanilla, and a hint of coffee permeate through its smoke. To me, this is the barometer for a proper coffee-flavored smoke. Try it and see if you agree.