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#NowSmoking: Rocky Patel Disciple

#NowSmoking: Rocky Patel Disciple Cigar Review (Video)

Rocky Patel Disciple – Cigar Details

Factory: Tabacalera Villa Cuba, SA Esteli, Nicaragua
Size: (3 ½” x 46)) Half Corona
Strength: Medium to Full
Wrapper: Mexico San Andres maduro
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua

Presented in boxes of 20

Rocky Patel Disciple Backstory

Rocky Patel released Disciple in September 2021 stating, “… we’ve never produced anything that more rigorously adheres to our high standards and dedication to quality…” and followed up with a line extension a short few months later in early 2022. And it’s this new vitola—a 3 ½” x 46 Half Corona that I’ll be reviewing today.

The Disciple Half Corona is striking because of its size— and my initial thoughts are this might be a great cigar for a quick smoke break or for when the weather turns cold. Frankly, it’s one of the smaller cigars I’ve come across in a while. The blend remains the same though—a Mexican San Andres maduro wrapper over a Nicaraguan binder and fillers—and comes in boxes of 20.

Before I put flame to foot, I can’t help but wonder how quickly I’d burn through the Disciple Half Corona and whether or not I’d be left wanting more. Could I get the full cigar experience with less cigar?

Now, let’s find out what the Rocky Patel Disciple Half Corona has in store.

Cigar Basics:

Construction: Wrapper was dark brown, toothy, and rustic.
Cold Draw: Black pepper, leather, and cedar.
Base flavors: Black pepper, coffee, earth.
Aroma: Rich tobacco.
Burn & Ash: No issues.

The Disciple Half Corona begins with a shot of black pepper across the bow which is soon followed by a volley of cedar. Before long dry earth enters the mix and holds the line until a hint of sweetness appears towards the end of the beginning (third).

At this point, the Rocky Patel Disciple is medium in body and strength. With a rich flavor profile right off the bat, I can see Disciple Half Corona filling out into a powerhouse small cigar.

Let’s see how it plays out in the second section.

I’m approaching the halfway point and the Disciple Half Corona is gaining steam and approaching full throttle. The hint of sweetness I spoke about in the first third has bloomed into a confectionery sweet note. What I mean by that is the sweet note is not reminiscent of fruit, rather toffee or caramel. The black pepper remains strong and espresso, or black coffee, join in with the base flavors.

Construction has been spot-on thus far as the strength and body builds to medium-plus. Although it looks small, the Disciple Half Corona packs a punch and should not be smoked too aggressively.

Let’s see how it wraps up in the finale.

I’m into the final third and the Disciple Half Corona’s profile remains balanced and rich. No new flavors come into play, but the sweetness recedes just about as quickly as it came into the picture. The main flavors remain as black pepper, strong coffee, and dry earth.

As the Disciple comes to a close, the word that most comes to mind is bold. Don’t be fooled by its appearance—this smaller vitola packs a confident punch.

What beverage pairs well with Rocky Patel Disciple cigars?

A softer bourbon—think wheat in the mash bill as opposed to rye—like Larceny or Maker’s Mark, either neat or on the rocks, goes well with the Disciple Half Corona.

For non-alcoholic options old standbys like coffee, Dr. Pepper, or water certainly will do the trick.

For additional pairing combinations, check out our Cigar & Spirit pairing guide.

Are Rocky Patel Disciple cigars worth smoking?

Rocky Patel Disciple Half Corona manages to squeeze the experiences of a larger size cigar into a compact vitola. Despite its small size, there is a progression of flavors, and the Disciple maintains balance and ideal construction with no touch-ups needed.

Fans of the other Disciple sizes should give the half corona a try. Also, those who like fuller-bodied maduros would enjoy this cigar. And finally, with winter approaching, Rocky Patel Disciple Half Corona could be a perfect choice when you’re looking for a cigar but want to minimize your time outside in the cold.