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Fan Mail: Your Burning Cigar Questions – Answered (Part 22)

Four More of Your Burning Cigar Questions, Answered…

By the Cigar Advisor Editors

Everyone loves getting mail, especially us here at Cigar Advisor. Once again, our editors answer your cigar questions in an effort to spread good will and cheer about the wonderful world of premium cigar enjoyment. Why the free advice? Well, a little cigar wisdom never hurt anybody, and like we said – it’s better to share what you know so we can all know, and smoke, better. This month’s cigar questions deal with learning how to critique a cigar like a pro, how to get your cigar burning well without a lighter, and more.

Still have unanswered cigar-related questions? Drop us a note on the Cigar Advisor Facebook page, or stalk us via email and we’ll do our best to answer. Until then, let’s tackle the 4 burning issues at hand – and away we go…

Cigar Question #1: How do I write a cigar review?

By Fred Lunt

Thinking about writing a cigar review? How about trying to keep a cigar diary? These are the tips you need to write a cigar review, from choosing the ideal place to smoke, to developing your own rating system. Get your tips here!

Cigar Question #2: When my cigar goes out, is there a way to get it started again without using a lighter?

By Gary Korb

Neil in Saginaw, Michigan had a very interesting question for us: “Sometimes, after resting my cigar, I notice that when I pick it up there’s very little smoke, which tells me the cigar is going out. Is there any way to get it started again without having to use my lighter?” The answer is “Yes,” if there’s still some life left in it, and this little video will show you how to save it without applying more flame.

Cigar Question #3: Is maduro wrapper leaf really sweeter in taste?

By Tommy Zman

Just another excellent Fan Mail video question from Bernie in PA who asks me, “Is Maduro wrapper leaf really sweeter, and if so, why?” Well, a great question deserves a great answer and I actually have a couple of must-see things to say about it! Oh, how sweet it is!

Cigar Question #4: Why is the cellophane on a cigar yellow – and is that bad?

By John Pullo

This month’s Q part of the Q&A comes from Anthony in Glen Burnie, Maryland – he was a little surprised to find that some of his cigar cellos had turned a slight yellow: These were cigars from a box I bought a while ago, but I haven’t smoked any of them in a long time. Why did the cigar cellophane turn yellow? Did my cigars go bad?

No, Anthony, they did not; and as a matter of fact, they might even be better than you remember – I just had this happen to me with some Partagas I had put away. Find out what caused Anthony’s cellos to yellow, and what it means for the cigar inside – in this quick video.

Have more cigar questions? We’ll help – watch for our next dive into the mailbag, when we answer four more Fan Mail questions from our readers.