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Fan Mail: Your Burning Cigar Questions – Answered (Part 23)

ANOTHER Four of Your Burning Cigar Questions, Answered…

By the Cigar Advisor Editors

Aaaand we’re back…So many cigars, so little time – but because we’ve had a bunch of requests to bring back our cigar questions and answers videos, we thought now was a great time to go shoulder-deep into the Advisor mail bag. This is where we, the CA editors, answer your Q’s with our A’s in order to help everyone learn a little something extra about cigars – or maybe learn a good bar trick, or even settle an argument (that happens more than you’d believe, actually). When we were up-and-coming smoking noobs, we learned a lot by asking the pros cigar questions just like these; so we like to pay it forward wherever and whenever possible, and help spread the good word about the smokes – and maybe even help you get a little more satisfaction from your cigar today. Each question gets a short video to help us explain the answer, since it’s often easier to show you than to try to explain it through words alone. This month’s cigar questions deal with how to smoke a culebra, dealing with smoke coming from a hole in your wrapper, flavored cigar storage, and the real reason you should keep so many cigars in your humidor.

If you have a cigar-related question, or a burning issue that needs settling, try us on the Cigar Advisor Facebook page or hit us by email – we’ll not only try to give you a reasonable answer, we may just end up using your topic for our next video Q&A session. Until then, let’s tackle these four cigar questions before us…

Cigar Question #1: How do I smoke a Culebra cigar?

By John Pullo

I’m surprised that we get this question as often as we do – because the culebra is a pretty rare cigar. But Tony in Lexington, Kentucky wanted to know how to smoke a culebra: one at a time, or keep all 3 cigars together? Watch this short video, and I’ll give you a quick history lesson on these twisted cigars so rarely found in the wild – along with one good recommendation on how NOT to smoke it, and a reason your friends will appreciate you for knowing this info.

Cigar Question #2: Why does my cigar sometimes leak smoke from the wrapper?

By Gary Korb

Mickey in Reno, NV sometimes notices a little smoke leaking from the wrapper of his cigars. When that happens he says the cigar also doesn’t burn well. This phenomenon is pretty rare, especially with better-made premium cigars, but it could be the way the cigar was rolled or some other issue with the wrapper. Solutions to this problem are almost as rare, but there is a test you can do before you light-up to see if such an issue may arise. See how to do it, in this quick video.

Cigar Question #3: What is the best way to store flavored cigars?

By Fred Lunt

What is the best way to store flavored cigars you ask? Turns out I can answer this much debated question with a simple solution. Of course, the obvious answer is far, FAR away from your regular stogies, but I’m about to get more granular than that – and tip you off to a super cheap, but very useful humidor solution. Watch and find out!

Cigar Question #4: How full should I keep my humidor?

By Tommy Zman

I got a Fan Mail question that’s not only good, but the answer is really important, too. Jeremy from Chicago asked: “How full should I keep my humidor?” Sounds like a simple question, but there are a few things to consider here that can affect the health of your prized smokes. You need to check this one out to make sure you’re keeping those cigars in perfect smoking condition.

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