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Fan Mail: Your Burning Cigar Questions – Answered (Part 21)

Here are Four More of Your Cigar Questions Answered…

By the Cigar Advisor Editors

Smoke smarter, not harder.

That’s the idea behind Fan Mail, where we take Q&A’s from cigar lovers of all stripes and share the answers with everyone we know…knowledge is power, after all, so let’s all be better smokers for it. And now that the Advisor inbox has accumulated some more cigar questions, we thought you might like to hear our answers – whether you needed to know for yourself, or if you just wanted to share the info with your smoking buddies so they’re in the know, too. This month it’s 4 cigar-related bits of video advice that cover the basics, whether you’re into traveling with cigars, want to know how they’re rolled, or just want a few tricks to getting your pals into enjoying cigars, too.

Hard to believe we’ve already answered 80 burning cigar questions from the cigar smokers who have written us so far…But if, after all these videos, we still haven’t answered yours – drop us a message via Facebook, and we’ll answer. Maybe we’ll even cover it here.

Here’s what we’ve got on video for you this time. . .

Cigar Question #1: How does the way it’s rolled affect a cigar’s draw?

by Fred Lunt

A question that’s plagued the minds of many cigars smokers. After an evening of head scratching, I did my homework and brought you a sweet and short answer. Citing the three special and most common techniques for rolling, in this video I break down how the draw is formed in cheap, premium, and Cuban cigars alike.

Cigar Question #2: What’s the best way to travel with cigars?

by Gary Korb

Chris in New Jersey is planning a long cross-country road trip with some frat brothers and wanted to know what cigar accessories to take with them. I showed him some must-have items that apply even to shorter trips and tossed-in a few common sense tips they can use along the way. If you’re planning a trip this summer and bringing cigars, you’ll find this video very useful.

Cigar Question #3: How do I convince my friends to try smoking cigars?

By Tommy Zman

Barry in San Francisco asked a great question and wanted a sincere and important answer: “What can I do to get more of my friends into cigar smoking?” The reason it’s a great question is because sometimes there’s just nothing better than sharing a good cigar with those who also appreciate this wonderful and relaxing pastime. Watch this video and find out the things I, myself, have done to accomplish this very smoky goal.

Cigar Question #4: Is it OK to store whole cigar boxes in my humidor?

by John Pullo

James from Waukesha, Wisconsin hit us up at Cigar Advisor with one of those cigar questions that is a good problem to have: “Is it better to store (mostly) full boxes of cigars in my humidor or remove the cigars and store them loose?” Lot of smokes on hand at James’ house…so what to do if you’re trying to stash away a whole box? Well, it’s not necessarily about being better or worse for the cigars – it’s more about what’s better or worse for you. See my answer, in this short video.

As always, we appreciate your comments and sharing these videos with your fellow cigar smokers. If you’ve got a question, let us know by leaving a comment, or send us a message via Facebook or one of our other social media channels. We’ll answer them with more of these quick video answers in our next installment of Fan Mail!

– Gary, John, Fred, and Zman