Cigar 101: How To Properly Store Infused Cigars

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Can Infused and Flavored Cigars Be Kept Alongside Traditional Ones?

For cigar enthusiasts, properly storing and aging cigars is crucial to preserving, and even enhancing, their flavors and aromas. This is true when it comes to both traditional and infused and flavored cigars—with each requiring its own storage (whether a humidor or another method) due to marrying and intermingling.

Cigar Marriage

The concept of "marriage of flavors" is key to understanding why infused and flavored cigars should be stored separately from their traditional brethren. Traditional cigars, which are composed solely of tobacco, develop their flavors through the natural aging process. As they rest in a humidor—whether for a short or longer period—the various filler, binder, and wrapper tobaccos interact and "marry" together creating a harmonious, cohesive flavor profile.

Infused and flavored cigars, on the other hand, have additional aromatic compounds introduced during the manufacturing process. These could be anything from essential oils and extracts to coffee, spirits, and spices. When these enhanced cigars are stored alongside traditional cigars, the delicate balance of flavors can become disrupted due to something called “intermingling.”

Cigar Intermingling

The issue lies in the process of intermingling. The flavors of infused/flavored cigars can easily overtake and overwhelm the more subtle nuances of traditional blends. Over time, the traditional cigars will gradually absorb the more-dominant flavors of the infusion and lose their distinctive character. Conversely, the infused/flavored cigars may also lose some of their intended bouquet as it becomes diluted by the surrounding tobacco aromas.

This intermingling effect is further exacerbated by the differing humidity requirements of these two cigar types. Traditional cigars typically thrive in a humidor maintained at the lower end of the 65-70% relative humidity range, as this environment allows for the optimal aging and maturing of the tobacco. Infused/flavored cigars, however, often require a slightly higher humidity level, typically 70-72%, to prevent the added flavorings from drying out and losing their potency.

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Storing infused and traditional cigars together forces a compromise, and like we covered above with flavor intermingling, it’s inevitable that your non-infused premiums will start to take on the nuances and aromas of their flavored neighbors.

Separate Humidors

By keeping infused/flavored and traditional cigars in separate humidors, cigar enthusiasts can ensure that each type is able to age gracefully and reach its full potential. The traditional cigars will be free to marry their inherent tobacco notes, while the infused/flavored sticks will maintain the intended balance of their added aromatics.

No humidor? No problem. Even a Ziploc bag can be used in a pinch to store your flavored and infused cigars.

Ultimately, the decision to store these cigars apart comes down to respecting the unique characteristics of each type and providing the optimal environment for their long-term preservation and enhancement. To level up your cigar enjoyment, this extra care and attention is another step towards discovering the perfect smoke.