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Cigar Q&A: Why use a V-cutter on Torpedo cigars?

Cigar Q&A: Using a V-Cutter on Torpedo Cigars

Q: Someone recommended I try cutting my torpedo with a v-cutter. Is this a better method?

A: I almost always use a V-cutter when I smoke a torpedo or any other figurado-shaped cigars for that matter. Here’s why:

For one, the V-cutter clips the head of the cigar leaving a clean cleft tip, and it’s usually deep enough to give you a good draw.

Using a standard double-blade cutter, if you happen to cut the head too far down, the wrapper could unfurl, and there’s little hope for repairing it. Cut it too short and you could have a draw problem.

Since both the the above have happened to me, my method when using a standard double-blade cigar cutter is to lay the cutter flat on a table, place the head in the middle of the cutter, and clip. The first clip is usually too short, so I do it again, take a draw, and see how it is. It usually takes about two or three cuts to get the cigar to draw well.

Suffice it to say, it’s just too much work. Using a V-cutter on torpedo cigars gets it right the first time, 99% of the time; I’ll take those odds. Even a cheap v-cutter will work well.