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Giving the gift of cigars this holiday season?

This is a very common during the winter months, especially in the Northeast and Midwest, since the temperature drops along with the humidity which are not the best conditions for cigars. Instead of surviving up to a month without humidification in the summer months, which is stretching it, you would be lucky if a cigar lasts 2 weeks without being dry as a bone. So here are some tips on how to combat this from happening.

First of all, if you are storing cigars for a future date and you don't have a humidor, order a Boveda Humidipak. The Humidipak is a modern marvel that keeps cigars humidified until the pack itself is dried out, all while keeping the relative humidity of the enclosure in which you store your cigars at a constant level. When you order cigars for your giftee, add one of these to your order. They only cost around $3 each, and one Humidipak will last for up to 90 days. If placed in a baggie, the cigars keep fresh for 2-3 months in and even longer in a sealed Tupperware container. If the gift is a box of cigars, they will stay fresh for about a month with no additional humidification as long as they are kept sealed and stored in a cool, dark space in the house.

Tupperware is one of the best methods for keeping cigars fresh for short or long amounts of time. You can use one of two methods: The first method is to pick up a simple round humidifier or water pillow for around $1-$4, soak it in distilled water, throw it in a Tupperware container along with the cigars, seal it and forget about it. Instead, you can use a crystal-type humidifier. Plus, if your gift is a sampler, it makes a nice extra, especially if your giftee is currently using a foam humidifier. The crystal humidifier works way better, helps prevent against mold, and lasts a lot longer.

The second method is a bit archaic, but it works. Take a clean sponge and dampen it with distilled water or 50/50 wetting solution (i.e. Monster Venom). Place the sponge in a small Tupperware container with no lid on it. Then, put the container with the sponge inside of a bigger Tupperware container, giving enough clearance to close the lid. Place the cigars inside of the big Tupperware container, but not inside the small container and then seal the lid. This will keep the cigars fresh for about 2 weeks before you must repeat the process. Again, this is a little "old school" and less reliable, so spending the extra $1-$4 for water pillows or a Humidipak will do you better.

I hope you keep these tips to mind when buying a friend or relative cigars this holiday season, or share this article with people you know are getting cigars as gifts and may not have a proper humidor for storage.

I want to wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas to all of you who read my articles and Cigar Advisor. Hopefully, I'll have another column before Christmas.

Finally, make sure you take time to appreciate the little things around the holidays and reflect on this past year so you can make the New Year even better. Please leave your comments below if you have any more tips and tricks. Every bit of knowledge helps!

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