Cigar Q&A: Mixing Cigars in Your Humidor

Cigar Q&A: Mixing Cigars in Your Humidor

Mixing Cigars in Your Humidor

Q. Can different cigar brands be kept in the same humidor? My friends say is not good because you’ll mix the blends.
– Frank A. in New York City

A. Some fanatical enthusiasts take umbrage to mixing cigars of different brands, blends, wrappers, etc. in their humidors, because the tobaccos will “marry” and change the bouquet, hence the flavor, of their smokes.

I’ve kept my cigars mixed in the same humidors for years and have never found this to be the case – and I remove the cellos from most of my cigars. Plus, I’ve talked to many other experienced cigar smokers who concur. I do tend to keep all the cigars from a particular box together for organizational purposes, not segregational.

If you’re even the least bit concerned about mixing cigars and marrying flavors, you may just want to keep the cellos on all of your cigars. The only “no-no” would be to mix in scented or flavored cigars like ACID, Tatiana, and flavours by CAO , for example, since they will affect the aroma and taste of your “traditional” cigars.