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CA Report: Top New Cigars – Nov. 3 2017

Cigar Advisor Picks: Top New Cigars (Nov. 3, 2017)

By Fred Lunt

That’s right ladies and gents, it’s the Daylight Savings Edition of this week’s top new cigars. The Earth has once again completed the summer cycle and we’re getting another hour in the day. What should you do with that extra hour? Well, we’ve got five more of the newest cigars to kill the time…So let’s try these on for size shall we? We’ve got more of the latest cigars from some of the best brands on the market. This week’s new stock brings some boutique and seasonal goodies as well as some budget-friendly premium cigars that pair well with that post-work scotch you’ve been craving.

See what’s in store for this week’s new cigars!


La Conquista

new cigars november 2017 la conquista cigarsWhile the big brands are always timeless, boutiques are the here-and-now of cigars. I encourage everyone to live in the moment with the La Conquista, a relatively new cigar from Gran Habano. This thick creamy smoke draws earthy and spicy flavors with notes of leather and black pepper in a medium+ body. George Rico, owner of Gran Habano, specifically created this blend in tribute to the Conquistadors, and used choice primings of Nicaraguan, Costa Rican, and Colombian long fillers bound and wrapped in fiery Nicaraguan Corojo. Can you dig it?


Quesada Oktoberfest

top new cigars nov 2017 quesada oktoberfestA seasonal sensation, Quesada Oktoberfest returns this year in full-flavored deliciousness. This year’s edition comes in six sizes, the first four, named the Bavarian, Über, Das Boot, and Kaiser Ludwig, are Dominican puros and made in the DR. The latter Das Brauhaus and Triple Bock were made at Plasencia’s Nicaraguan factory. Each blend is meant to pair with Oktoberfest beers, with traditionally higher ABV.

If you’re gearing up for one last Oktoberfest hurrah, grab your lederhosen and light up – prost!



top new cigars nov 2017 huntsman cigarsIs it duck season or rabbit season? It doesn’t matter when it comes to Huntsman cigars. This new budget friendly premium cigar is here for some time-killing fun. An excellent complement to Scotch, Huntsman caters to the mild side with Honduran, Brazilian, and Nicaraguan fillers, bound in a honeyed San Andres leaf and capped off with an elegant Nicaraguan Habano wrapper.


Truce Connecticut Reserve

top new cigars november 2017 truce connecticut reserve cigarsSick of the news? Us too. Let’s shake things up a bit with a peaceful, middle of the road new cigar. Truce Connecticut Reserve, also made at Plasencia, is a medium-bodied premium that delivers amicable flavors in a polarizing age. With a unique Honduran Connecticut wrapper, layered over a robust Nicaraguan binder and zesty blend of Honduran and Brazilian fillers, this cigar is exactly how you want to spend that extra hour. Budget-friendly and flavorful, what more could you want?


AJ Fernandez Enclave Broadleaf

top new cigars november 2017 enclave aj fernandez cigarsPeace and love not your thing? Let’s kick it up with AJ Fernandez. The Enclave Broadleaf is the follow up to the original Enclave, which earned the 20th spot in Cigars of the Year 2016. This father-son collaboration is a full-bodied smoke that finds a happy-medium of Nicaraguan pep and Broadleaf sweetness. AJ used only select, aged Nicaraguan filler and binder leaves from his family farm and clad them in a notoriously dark and sweet Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. Can you say temptation?


What are you smoking this weekend? Share your pictures and posts in the comment sections below!



Fred Lunt

Fred Lunt


Fred Lunt was discovered to be the youngest cigar smoker in his family shortly after setting his crib ablaze; today, he's added an avid whiskey and craft beer appetite to his lineup. Fred has worked in marketing, blogging and communications at boutique PR agencies across New York and has personally had the pleasure of witnessing over four breakdancing shows in a single commute on the NYC subway. Prior to his work in marketing Fred was a student of communications at Temple University and still holds illusions that Temple has a better football program than Penn State.

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